John Hicks

John Hicks
John Hicks1

John Hicks claimed his plot in the Boothill Graveyard early in the game. He had the distinction of being the first man buried there in a white shirt. During an 1879 gunfight with Jerry McCormick and a miner named Jackson, John Hicks was killed and his brother Boyce was wounded in the head and blinded for life. 

At the time of John's death in Tombstone, it was customary to bury a man in a white shirt, but none could be found in town until a man named D. C. Chamberlain came forward with one.

The shirt was put on John Hicks and he was buried in the recently dedicated Tombstone Cemetery as its first permanent resident – July 10, 1879. That cemetery is known today as the infamous Boothill Graveyard.

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