Old Man Clanton

Newman Hayes Clanton - August 13, 1881

Newman Haynes "Old Man" Clanton was born in Tennessee in 1816. He married Mariah Kelso in Missouri on January 5, 1840. Newman went to California in 1849-50 for the gold rush, but eventually moved to Texas. In March of 1862, Newman and his oldest two sons John and Phineas, joined the Confederate Army. Newman was discharged July 6, 1862, and his sons in March of 1863. The Clanton family appeared in California in 1866, then in the Arizona Territory in 1873. They lived by Camp Thomas, trying to make a living off of the military post. By 1877, they had moved down the San Pedro, a few miles from where Tombstone would be built the next year. They built a ranch house, and did some freighting and ranching. Things were looking up for the Clanton family. 

The McLaury brothers moved in next door to the Clantons, and soon they were all good friends. In 1880, Newman gave the ranch to his boys and moved to New Mexico. As the unofficial leader of the Cowboys, who were engaged in robbery and rustling on both sides of the border, he now had full control of the territory from Tombstone to Animas Valley. "Old Man" Clanton was killed in August 1881, in an ambush while driving a stolen herd of cattle. The death was blamed on Mexican soldiers, but many believe that an Earp posse that was in the area was just as suspect. 

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