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Chamber Member Event Submission Instructions

Chamber Member Event Submission Form
Acknowledgement *

DO NOTdrop your flyers or event posting off to the Chamber office.  The staff in the Chamber office are not the ones who post to the website or the Facebook pages. 

FACEBOOK POSTING:  Posting on which page and when is at the discretion of the Chamber.  The Chamber Facebook pages are:

The Process: 

The process is pretty easy.... and straight forward.   The Chamber will take the information from your form submission and complete the following:

  • Create an event listing on the Chamber's website scroll and link it to YOUR Facebook Event or Website.
  • Link your Facebook Event to the Chamber's Facebook pages.

Lead Time:

If possible, we need 7 day lead time is need for posting to the website and to the Facebook pages.    You should start updating YOUR event information as soon as the information becomes available.   Our visitors are constantly looking for current information and dates - so they can plan their trip/s to Tombstone AZ.

The Chamber's Website Event Calendar Scroll: 

YOUR event that will be listed on the Chamber's Website Event Calendar Scroll will be linked directly to your Event Website or the Facebook Event.  This will hopefully ensure that the MOST current and correct information can be found by a visitor clicking on YOUR event from the Chamber's Website.      

Flyers and Scanned Documents/PDFs:  Not needed! 

Using the Chamber's Logo on your event marketing information:   The Logo cannot be used without permission from the Board of Directors of the Tombstone Chamber of Commerce.

What is the Chamber's Method for Posting Events/Activities?: 

We post on the Chamber's website event calendar immediately after we receive the information.  We also rely on YOU to ensure that your event website is CURRENT and updated , as discussed earlier - the event calendar/scroll will redirect to YOUR event website or the Facebook Event.

Also we rely on YOU to create an event post in Facebook for YOUR event. 

If there isn't an Facebook event post created by YOU, we will not create one.   

Please do not request that the Chamber "Co-Host" an event with your group/organization.  The Chamber will decline the request.

The Chamber is not searching for Tombstone Events - if you don't complete the EVENT SUBMISSION PROCESS - your event will not be included on the Website Event Scroll or included on any of the Chamber's Facebook pages.

The must be a VALID organization's website
This must be a VALID Facebook event listing.