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A Message from Susan Wallace, President, Tombstone Chamber of Commerce

It was my pleasure to be able to attend the Arizona Governors Conference on Tourism.  If you are not familiar with this conference; The Arizona Governor’s Conference on Tourism provides valuable networking opportunities, professional development sessions, nationally recognized speakers, a dedicated sponsor exhibit area and the Governor’s Tourism Awards Gala.

The conference is an opportunity for those in the Tourism Industry here in Arizona to gather information on the latest trends affecting tourism.  There were a variety of topics covered during the conference relating to Tourism Industry that I want to share.  In order to share without overwhelming, I will break down topics and information over the next few Wednesday Email blasts…

Let me start today with the first of my three biggest takeaways from the conference…Tourism is Economics…

One of the sessions I attend was – Economic Growth and Tourism – A Vital Partnership

Here is an overview — Often referred to as the “window of economic development,” Arizona’s tourism industry is a major catalyst for economic growth and plays an important role in the financial health and future of the state. This panel discussed how tourism plays a vital role in our economy. They shared ideas on how to work with your community to ensure tourism has a seat at the table to help strengthen Arizona’s economic future.

Speakers: Richard Bowen, President and CEO, ECONA

Brent DeRaad, President and CEO, Visit Tucson

Teresa Propeck, Director of Marketing and Sales, Verde Canyon Railroad

David Rouseau, President, Salt River Project

Moderator: Karrin Kunasek Taylor, Executive Vice President, DMB

Some information presented from this panel:

Tourism provides opportunity for rural residents

  • Tourism in rural communities encourages other investments and job opportunities
  • No need to leave the area to find financial stability
  • In my words: The benefits of a strong, healthy, and cohesive tourism environment promotes ample opportunity for jobs in all areas of the local economy in an otherwise limited rural setting. People who are financially stable will stay in the area to support the infrastructure of the community.

Tourism Boosts Economic Growth

  • Tourist Attraction or Activity growth = Growth in lodging, fuel and other amenities and services
  • More options and variety = more visitors
  • More visitors = more visibility for new business development
  • In my words: The more things there are to see and do the more people will come to enjoy the experience and the longer they will stay.  A successful attraction will increase the possibility of overnight visitors to remain in the area.   An increase of overnight visitors will be more financially lucrative for local businesses to grow and thrive.  A positive business climate will be more attractive for new businesses to want to relocate in the area.

When much is at stake much is required – Responsibilities

  • Destination drivers (attractions) must contribute to the community or region they prosper in
  • They must participate in tourism committee, economic development board and preservation efforts
  • It is important to stay in touch with, and be responsive to elected officials and community representatives.
  • Everyone must be aware of events, new things and what is happening in the community, region and state
  • I’m sure no translation is needed, it is the obligation of anyone in leadership to participate. 

If you build it they will come is certainly pertinent in tourism…But even more so…If you maintain it and make it attractive and fun they will come back and stay…

To Be Continuted….
Thank You,
Susan Wallace, President,
Tombstone Chamber of Commerce

Thank you to our renewing and new Chamber Members:

Tombstone Repertory Co
Doc Holliday’s Saloon
Katie’s Cozy Cabins
Monument Ranch
Tombstone Training
T Miller’s Mercantile
Big Nose Kate’s
O.K. Corral
Lions Club

From the Courthouse:

Sunday June 29th: The collaboration of Chamber, State Parks and the Courthouse had a successful 3-D filming for Tony Robinson’s Wild West/Documentary/Travelogue.   It was done on short notice but they had documented PROPER permits and liability insurance. 

Also on Sunday:  We had a surprise de-heading.. Say good bye to Mr. Rattler. (Will be posted on Facebook and on the website.) 

Sunday, July 5:  We are hosting JD March book signing from her book tour from 10:30 to noon. 

  1. D. Marchresides in England and is the author of the “Devil’s Own” series published by Five Star Press.  The first book in the series, Dance with theDevil, was released in November and the second book in the series, An Uneasy Alliance, is due for release this August.   

About the Book:  Dance with the Devil: ISBN 978-1-4328-2931-5, Gunfighter Johnny Fierro has been hunting trouble and a reputation all his life. Left on his own in the Mexican border towns at an early age, he’s a hard, dangerous man who doesn’t let anything or anyone get in his way. Fierro clawed his way to the top, but now that he’s there, he’s tired of the killings and range wars – until he hears that his father faces a battle to hold onto his land in the Cimarron Valley.

March was chosen as 2015 Best New Western Author by True West Magazine. “First-time author J.D. March’s Dance with the Devil is a dynamite beginning to a new series, “The Devil’s Own” from Five Star, that will have fans placing orders for volume two months ahead of publication. March’s hero, Johnny Fierro, is a conflicted gunfighter that fans of Elmore Leonard’s outlaw heroes will recognize and cheer for – even when they know he’s wrong.”

Author Biography:  Adventurer and journalist JD March has tracked leopards in the Masai Mara, skied competitively, ridden to hounds, paddled dug-out canoes on the Indian Ocean, and is an accomplished sailor. JD has lived in a series of unusual homes including a haunted 12th century house in Cornwall in Britain and a chalet in the French Alps. But a lifelong passion for the old west means JD is happiest in the saddle, rounding up cattle on the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming.

How exciting to have all these visitors! 

What’s Up at Crazy Annie’s

Crazy Annie’s is having a 4th July party starting at 2 p.m. games food and lots fun also They are running a $65.00 room rate from July 1 thru August 15 it is a summer special.

Tombstone at Twilight News

Thank you to the Volunteers at Tombstone at Twilight for coordinating a great June Tombstone at Twilight event!

Future Tombstone at Twilight Events:

July 25, 2015 – Mining and Mucking:  We will once again be sponsoring a mucking competition on the streets of Tombstone. Come and try out your strength and skills in this grueling competition. There is a $200.00  winner takes all prize

August 22, 2015 – A Talented Tombstone at Twilight:  We will be sponsoring a talent competition for this month. All acts will be vetted in an audition phase before moving on the competition phase.

September 26, 2015 – Support your local L.E.O.:  We will be dedicating this month to the Tombstone Marshall’s Office and the law enforcement community at large.

Tombstone Vigilante / Vigilette Dates




AUGUST 09; 06:30A “10K RUN”; 12:00P; 400 BLOCK; ALLEN ST; TOMBSTONE