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Three Blocks of History and a Million Miles of Guest Expectations

Tombstone Arizona is a highly visible and well-visited community that is an important part of American history. Who hasn’t heard of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday or the Gunfight at the OK Corral?  Tombstone Arizona is part of every US History book, been featured in numerous movies and documentaries, and is a definite place that people from ALL OVER the world want to see, visit and experience.

Our community lives up to the tag line of “The Town Too Tough To Die.”   We have endured the continuing economic roller coaster, and are adjusting to the trends in “Heritage Tourism” and realizing the power of how social media can help our businesses.  The statement below is a marketing statement …a statement of expectations of sorts.

“Imagine an entire city on the National Historic Register.  What you'll see in Tombstone Arizona today is a careful, accurate restoration of a historically significant Town in Southern Arizona.  Much of Tombstone’s architecture is unique to the West.  While the mining boom of 1877 brought the likes of Tombstone’s founder, Edward Schieffelin, it also provided the back drop for the “shots heard around the world” at the Gunfight at the OK Corral.  Tombstone Arizona is a living showcase of American history.”

Does this statement accurately represent Tombstone Arizona?   The Guests that visit Tombstone have an expectation of an AMAZING HISTORICAL ADVENTURE!  They want to see, and hear and experience the history of Tombstone Arizona.      

Williamsburg Virgina, Deadwood South Dakota and Dodge City Kansas, like Tombstone Arizona ALL depend on Tourism.   Tombstone relies on guests/visitors to ensure our Town remains viable, that it grows, that our business owners can remain open.

How do we do provide an AMAZING HISTORICAL ADVENTURE for our Guests?  We do this by being innovative, creative, thinking out of the box, and remembering that we are providing a Historical Themed Experience for ALL of our guests.

I read a book years ago – The Disney Way - and whatever your opinion about the Disney empire is, within their Theme parks their customer service is truly second to none.

Here are a couple of links about The Disney Way:

Take a minute to look over this information on these links….and take some time to think about the Guest Experience your business provides.

  • Do all of your staff (including yourself) project a positive image and energy?
  • Are all of your staff (including yourself) courteous and respectful to all Guests, including Children?
  • Do all of your staff (including yourself) stay in character and play the part? Tombstone is a town that represents the American Old West.   Does your staff dress the part?  Part of the Guest experience is in the details.  Having staff wear period clothing creates an feeling for the Guests, and a buy for the experience you are trying to create and maintain.
  • Do all of your staff (including yourself) go above and beyond?  Is your staff able to talk to Guests about the history of Tombstone?  Do they know the area?   Do they talk positive about other places and business in Tombstone?  Do they make recommendations about the area?
  • If you sell “Tombstone” related souvenirs – what sets your goods apart from the business down the street?  Is your businesses souvenirs unique to your business only?Are they logoed embossed? Do they have your business name on them?

Our Guests/Visitors have a limited amount of dollars to spend when they are on vacation or visiting Tombstone.   The want VALUE for the goods and services and are willing to pay the price.    Here is a nice article about How to Sell Value Rather than Price –

The Tombstone Chamber is here to help your business be successful – WORKING TOGETHER WE ARE ALL SUCCESSFUL!  If you need help – let us know!


Salute to the Buffalo Soldiers

A BIG THANK YOU TO BILL Pakinkas AND Steve Goldstein for volunteering and coordinating a great event to honor the history and legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers.  



We at Cox Media are excited to be able to partner with the Tombstone Chamber of Commerce to provide an advertising campaign to promote vacationing in the “The Town Too Tough To Die”. Our goal is to target all of Arizona and Canada.

The way we intend to do this is using a combination of cable (Cox, Comcast, Cable One & MediaCom) and satellite (DirecTV) television to potential Tucson & Phoenix Staycationers to keep Tombstone top of mind as a local destination! That is nearly one million homes.  Network sponsorships and sports opportunities will provide additional branding to reach this group. Networks like Travel Channel, Food Network and ESPN to name a few.

To reach the Canadian tourist we are going to use our online service, Digital VideoX which takes the power of your television commercial and places in front of Canadians on desktop and mobile devices across the web, in brand safe environments.  We can identify Canadians who are researching or booking travel. We will be delivering 25,000 impressions  a month.

Our award winning channel, COX CHANNEL 7   we be used to integrate a one minute “Daytrip” message all year in specific targeted program content on “Weekend Explorer” with host Jeffrey Lehman. An average of 64,000 Arizona TV households tune into COX CHANNEL 7 at least once during an average week.  For 12 weeks (June to August), Weekend Explorer will air a special “Visit Tucson” series to reach Tucson Staycationers.

Cox Media to happy to offer special advertising packages to Tombstone Chamber of Commerce members, including on-air, online and production, that will help grow their business.  Thank you for your partnership!


Summary of the Tombstone Chamber's 2014 – 2015 Marketing and Advertising Campaign

The Chamber has been advertising in the following venues:

  • Where MagazineDistribution 140,000/year (Tucson, Tubac, Phoenix, Scottsdale areas)
  • ABC-15 Phoenix 5678.4 Impressions Annually
  • KVOA-4 Tucson 8991.3 Impressions Annually :  Tombstone Community page, 11,643 Page views KVOA Community   Page: 17,928 Page Views and free advertising on their sister channel Cozi-TV.
  • (5) Clear Channel Billboards (Interstates 10 & 8, over a 4 week period our billboards delivered 889,024 impressions according to the TAB  Outdoor Ratings)
  • Cherry Creek Radio
  • 250,000 Rack cards - distributed all over Arizona (Phoenix Area, Tucson/Nogales , Benson/Willcox, Yuma, Grand Canyon area and Las Cruses )
  • Arizona State Map 150,000 annually (AOT Publication) Arizona statewide, circulation in hotels/motels & Chambers of Commerce across the US, AAA)
  • Sierra Vista Herald: 102,000 circulation + 50,000
  • Live Webcam 0ver 36,800 views
  • Weekly E Mail Blast News Update to Chamber Membership, Local Newspapers and Chambers totaling a minimum of 5200 annual news blasts.
  • Phone calls and Mailers: The Chamber receives about 100 phone calls per week with 80% requesting information on Tombstone
  • Fearns Tucson and Southern Arizona Traveler Info Guide/Map – 150,000 distribution
  • The Chamber Website




Average Monthly Visitors


Average Monthly Visitors


Average Monthly Page Views


Average Monthly Page Views


Annual Website Visitors


Annual Website Visitors


U.S. Based Visitors









Age Group: 65+



Age Group: 55-64



Age Group: 45-54



Age Group: 35-44



Age Group: 25-34


  • Chamber Facebook Page

How Many Posts


Post Clicks


Tombstone Chamber





Tombstone Courthouse





Boothill Graveyard




2,119 (2/25/2015)






Current Number of Fans









Age Group: 65+

8% (W) / 5% (M)


Age Group: 55-64

14% (W) / 9% (M)


Age Group: 45-54

19% (W) / 11%(M)


Age Group: 35-44

12% (W) / 8% (M)


Age Group: 25-34

8% (W) / 4% (M)


Age Group: 13-24

1.23% (W) / 1% (M)



Tombstone Chamber has provided advertising for the following events and activities:

  • Tombstone Vigilante Days
  • Rendezvous of the Gunfighters Event
  • Community Revival
  • Wyatt Earp Vendetta Ride Days
  • Helldorado Days
  • Showdown in Tombstone
  • Wyatt Earp Vendetta Ride
  • 6th Annual Wild West Days
  • Salute to the Buffalo Soldiers Days
  • Skye Blue and the Tombstone Seven
  • Breakfast with Doc Holliday – Play
  • Wyatt Earp: A Life on the Frontier – Play
  • Wyatt Earp Days
  • Local Halloween Activities:
    • Halloween in the Park
  • Buds to Blooms
  • Legion of the Silver Rose Induction Ceremony
  • Rose Tree Festival
  • Steampunk Charity Ball
  • Promote a “Chamber Business of the Week” via Social Media and Chamber Website
  • Tombstone Movie Night
  • Local December/Christmas Events:
    • Coca for Christmas,
    • Courthouse Lighting of the Luminaries,
    • Light Parade,
    • Toys for Tombstone toy drive,
    • Santa in the Park
  • Tombstone Historic Homes tour
  • Gunfight in Tombstone
  • Tombstone Annual Quilt Show
  • Tombstone Association of the Arts: Open Show for Artists
  • Mad Hatter Tea Party: Picnic in the Park
  • Wild West Days
  • Healthy Living Workshop
  • Local Business Day
  • Fairbank Day
  • Border Town Cowboy Action Shooting Arizona State Championship
  • Heartbeat Mini Golf Tournament
  • Turkey Shoot (in conjunction with Twilight)
  • Tombstone at Twilight

Collaborations, meetings and activities:

  • Coordinated with:
    • Tombstone Volunteer Fire Dept.
    • Tombstone Cowboy Church
    • Toys for Tots
    • Tombstone Steampunk Society
    • Tombstone Lion's Club
    • Tombstone Vigilantes
    • Tombstone Vigilettes
    • The American Legion Post 24
    • Helldorado, Inc.
    • Vantage West Credit Union
    • Tombstone Forward
    • Rosetree Committee
    • Tombstone Association of the Arts
    • Tombstone Knights of Columbus
    • Tombstone Repertory Company
    • Great American Adventures
    • Tombstone Livery 
    • Various Tombstone Merchants regarding Tombstone December/Christmas activities.
  • Collaborated with Cochise College Small Business Development Center regarding class offerings.
  • In collaboration with State Park Service regarding exhibits and renovations at the Tombstone Courthouse Museum.
  • Attended Cochise County Tourism Council
  • Attended Southern Arizona Attraction Alliance Meetings
  • In collaboration with Metropolitan Tucson Convention & Visitor's Bureau
  • In collaboration with Greater Phoenix Convention & Visitor Bureau
  • In collaboration with Arizona Workforce Group of Cochise County
  • E-Mail contact with Cochise County Chambers of Commerce & Visitor Centers
  • In contact with:
    • AZ State Parks
    • AAA
    • Arizona Highways
    • AZ Weekly Tourism Guide
    • Sierra Vista Herald to obtain free advertising.
  • Also accessing various free websites such as:
    • eventful
    • whofish
    • arizonaadventures
    • arizonakids
    • explorecochise

Other Advertising

    Monthly informational E-mails to all Cochise County Lodgings (including Bed &     Breakfasts, Motels, Hotels, RV Parks, Guest Ranches & Vacation Homes, Chambers of Commerce of Southern AZ)

New Advertising

  • The Courthouse app is a virtual tour of the courthouse with space for advertising. Available for people all over the world to view)
  • Regenerated the Boothill Facebook page (Feb 2015)
  • RT Web Development (Superbowl Ad)

In Conclusion, it’s easy to say that Tombstone is a city with a strong brand and one that people of older generations have a lot of associations with, and a lot of positive feelings about. But with the decline in the popularity of the Western lore, and the current state of the economy, the battle for customers intensifies day by day. It's important to continue to invest in the process of re-acquaintance and introduction of our image, and focus on keeping our name and history alive, not only to current generations, but to future generations as well.


In Conclusion . . .

Thank you for all YOU do in promoting our great community!