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The Growth of Tombstone Continues With Effective Communication and a Thank You

Chamber Budget  . . . The Future

The Tombstone City Council acknowledge our 2015/2016 budget and approved our four big contracts.   We want to take a minute to welcome Cox Communication to our Marketing Portfolio.   CLICK HERE for the Cox Communication reach.   More to follow on what that portion of our Marketing/Advertising plan will include.


This Weekend – Salute to the Buffalo Soldier 

June 13 & 14 – CLICK HERE for a complete schedule and information.


Tombstone Vigilante’s Schedule

Here is a group that works HARD promoting Tombstone to all of our visitors!!    Their opening statement on their website sums up who they are and what they do – ALL FOR TOMBSTONE.  “The Tombstone Vigilantes are a 501c3 non-profit organization. We were founded in 1946, and incorporated in 1954. Since our inception we have been dedicated to keeping the historical town of Tombstone alive through reenacting events of the era. Every member is a volunteer who selflessly gives of their time to not only keep Tombstone’s history alive but to raise funds for worthy causes.”

CLICK HERE for their May to September 2015 Schedule.



It has been said that volunteering is good for the soul.   Helping someone, a group, a cause does a lot for both the individual volunteering and the recepient.   Much of what happens in our AMAZING community of Tombstone happens because of Volunteers.  Our events are put on by Volunteers.  Volunteers help at our nonprofits – such as the food bank and the animal shelter.   Our community groups are made up of volunteers – such as the Lions Club, The Vigilantes, Vigilettes, Cameo Ladies, and there are so many more.

The ENTIRE community benefits from what ALL of our community volunteers do.  The business community benefits by the visitors and guests that these events bring to town.  The visitors and guests – Moms/Dads, Grandmas/Grandpa, and Kids alike benefit by getting a GREAT experience from people who have volunteered and dedicated their time to promote Tombstone….to promote Tombstone because they LOVE the community.   And that passion shows – it shows in the reach that the community of Tombstone has World Wide.   Each positive experience that a guest has from a visit to Tombstone keeps the history of Tombstone alive!

Too often do we forget to say THANK YOU.  Just a simple THANK YOU to all who volunteer their time to support and promote the community.  Sometimes that’s all that is needed.

So…on behalf of the ENTIRE community of Tombstone and the Tombstone Chamber of Commerce – THANK YOU to all who give freely of their time, talents, and energy to promote our AMAZING community.  Your service matters, your dedication and passion matters and is noticed and appreciated.  


The Importance of Promoting ALL Community Events 

This past weekend there was a car show in town.  The ONLY way we at the Chamber were made aware of the possibility of the car show was the couple of phone call to the chamber on Friday asking for information, and the request for a start time for the parade that was posted on the Chamber’s Facebook Page on Friday evening.

Now many may think that those who are associated with the Chamber can read minds …that is not true.   We try really hard to catch everything . . . and post everything that we are given.   In this case – we were not notified of the event.  How we found the information for the event was by doing a simple Google search for “car show Tombstone”   and the Arizona Car Show facebook page came up.

Now we all can see that a simple phone call, email, or a Facebook message/post a week or so prior by one of the event coordinators to the Chamber could’ve promoted the event more effectively.

When people call the chamber asking about events in town we want to be able to respond with the information.   We have heard from callers “Well if the Chamber doesn’t know it must not be happening.”

We want to know about ALL Tombstone events, not just those put on by Chamber Members.   

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! – Please help us get the word out to EVERYONE that conducts and event in TOMBSTONE to contact the Tombstone Chamber with the details of the event.  Event coordinators can email  – stop by the Chamber office – or give the Chamber a call.