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Sometimes all you need is a different perspective . . . Let's Hear From You!

Whew, the past few weekly Chamber Member emails have been information filled and hopefully you have found them useful.

This week before I tackle Part 4, I wanted to take an opportunity to do a little wrap up of the first three parts.

Part 1:  Tourism is Economics.    

This statement seems like a no-brainer when you think of Tombstone Arizona.   Pulling the statement apart…sort of like peeling an onion  more of the “how”  is revealed:

  • Tourism provides opportunity for rural residents:  The benefits of a strong, healthy, and cohesive tourism environment promotes ample opportunity for jobs in all areas of the local economy in an otherwise limited rural setting. People who are financially stable will stay in the area to support the infrastructure of the community.
  • Tourism Boosts Economic Growth:  The more things there are to see and do the more people will come to enjoy the experience and the longer they will stay.  A successful attraction will increase the possibility of overnight visitors to remain in the area.   An increase of overnight visitors will be more financially lucrative for local businesses to grow and thrive.  A positive business climate will be more attractive for new businesses to want to relocate in the area.
  • When much is at stake much is required – Responsibilities:  Everyone…I really mean EVERYONE in a position of leadership  . . .  and leadership can be within your business, and/or within the community.   And truly, Tombstone by population is a small community – WE ALL have a responsibility to support the community and the activities that support tourism.


Part 2, Arizona Tourism:  Who is traveling? What is the financial impact?    

This email was lengthy and filled with lots of numbers and statistics.    Here are two of the statistic that we can refocus on:

  • Total direct travel spending in Arizona was $20.9 billion in 2014
  • Arizona Profile:  40.7 Million Overnight Visitors in 2014

Looking at the Arizona statistics . . . we have a definite stake and part of those numbers.    We have the responsibility to create an environment that will make tourist want to visit . . . again and again.


Part 3, Tombstone is ranked as one of the Top visited Destinations in Arizona or is it? And why do we care? Or do we? 

We Care!   We are a Top Destination!  Tourism is the life-blood of the community.  So how do we keep Tombstone Arizona as a Top Destination?   

The part 3 e-mail discussed:

  • How other communities have rebranded themselves.   Is that possible here in Tombstone and maintain our historic perspective?   Creativity and thinking out of the box is in order!
  • Local business owners need to maintain a competitive edge – In other words, selling goods and services at a fair market price which will make shopping local possible.  
  • We here in Tombstone have been gifted a unique opportunity – to be the caretakers of an authentic piece of American history!   To keep it, preserve it, and share it with generations to come.  And along with this heavy responsibility we have to maintain Tombstone as a “Living Community.”    We have a responsibility to those who live and work in Tombstone to ensure that there is stability with their jobs and their community.
  • All decisions need to be made in the best interest of the community and businesses of Tombstone.  
  • Everything we do impacts our community and its future.


So what do you think?  

Do you have some constructive out of the box ideas, thoughts or do you have an idea for an upcoming newsletter, Chamber training, or??? Send me an email at 


Upcoming Events:

Tombstone at Twilight is featuring Mining – Saturday, July 22

Working in conjunction with The Good Enough Mine Tour, Tombstone at Twilight will host its 2nd Annual Mucking Competition. Two man teams use shovels to fill a mining cart with gravel in the fastest time possible. There is a $200.00 winner take all prize.  Find a partner and sign up for this chance win to the prize.

Opening Ceremony will begin at the Visitors’ Center, corner of 4th and Allen with the singing of the National Anthem by Tombstone Repertory Company members Lilla DeLuca, Tori Douglas, Vicki and Tressa Slagle.  The Blood at Dusk Gunfighters, in partnership with the Tombstone Repertory Company, have created new gunfights for your entertainment.

Come watch a drilling display, gunfights and more. For more details visit Tombstone at Twilight on Facebook.


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