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Keeping Tombstone AZ Relevant Top Of The Mind Awareness (TOMA)

Top-of-mind awareness (TOMA) is USUALLY reserved for a brand, product, or service. It is the first brand, product or service that comes to mind in a specific category or niche.

During this "DOWN TIME" - ALL ... EVERYONE ... in Tombstone Arizona MUST keep Tombstone AZ in the News Feed of everyone who has LIKE/FOLLOWED your Business Facebook Page.

Right now ... a lot of Tombstone Businesses have gone dark on social media.

Tombstone Chamber Facebook Post March 24, 2020
Tombstone Historic District Facebook Post March 24, 2020

We want Tombstone AZ to:
Stand Out: The goal is to have Tombstone AZ be the destination point for when people can travel again. Post about Tombstone AZ. Search for Images of Tombstone AZ and talk about stuff that has happened.

Connect Emotionally: Our Followers want to be inspired and emotionally connect with Tombstone AZ. They want to hear from YOU... about Tombstone AZ. They were asked to Comment Below where they are - many posted pictures of their time in Tombstone AZ, and posted great memories and wishes for a speedy reopening of the Town - because they will be back.

Be Consistent: We try to post almost daily ... that maybe tough in the beginning. I assure you once you can gain some connection with your Followers - it becomes fun and rewarding. THEY WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. THEY WANT TO KNOW ABOUT HOW TOMBSTONE AZ IS GETTING ALONG.

Hashtag Your Posts: The hashtags are goofy... however they are important in the grand scheme of the SEARCHABILITY of information on Facebook. Notice on 99% of the Chambers posts they are hashtagged. People search on Facebook much like they search on Google. Again..... keep Tombstone AZ RELEVANT - TOMA.

Your customers/guest ... the regulars know you! During this incredibly uncertain time - your customers want to know about Tombstone AZ AND they want to know about YOU - are you OK. Its ok to share a little personal (non political or religious) stuff on your business page. Again that connects emotionally.

Don't Over Post: I'm sure we've all been on those Facebook Pages that post every hour. That is nothing short of annoying. Facebook has a great tool - under publishing tools. You can schedule posts out - which is great. You want Tombstone AZ to stay relevant and not fall into the annoying category.

The Bottomline: Facebook/Instagram ... and other social media platforms are FREE. People are home --- surfing and reading. Make your posts about Tombstone AZ part of their daily/weekly intake on social media.

Oh... one last thing: Many of the Facebook Business Pages have not set a SHAREABLE and TAGGABLE Facebook URL. Here a link to the HOW TO DO THIS:
Email if you need help.

Questions / Thoughts: Send us an email at