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Heritage Tourism – How is YOUR Business Attracting, Keeping and Serving Tombstone Visitors?


First, thank you to all who read and often times respond to the newsletter. And if you have suggestions, submissions or thoughts – we’d love to hear them. Send us a note to or stop by the Chamber office and chat with Debbie. The purpose and goal of the weekly newsletter is NOT to fill your inbox, it is to let you know what’s happening and to provide you some useful information.

Here is a new term that we learned this week. HERITAGE TOURISM. As defined by The National Trust for Historic Preservation, “Cultural heritage tourism is traveling to experience the places, artifacts and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present. It includes cultural, historic, and natural resources.”

Cochise County Tourism Council commissioned a study that was conducted by the Arizona Hospitality Research & Resource Center, Center for Business Outreach, The W. A. Franke College of Business, Northern Arizona University, - January 2014 - Cochise County Visitor Study 2012-2013.

Periodically we will be sharing information from the study – and it is available on line and we will post it on the Chamber’s website.

One of the most apparent facts that relates to Tombstone is:

  • Using a one to five rating scale, visitors were most interested in experiencing Old West sites (3.9 mean rating) and national and state parks (3.9), followed by interest in visiting ghost towns (3.6), visiting sites of mining history (3.5), and in photography (3.3).
    Now those percentages don’t reveal that Tombstone (experience Old West Sites) was the NUMBER ONE choice for those surveyed, and represented over 41% of those surveyed. (Table 15 of the study)

Another fact revealed in the study: Visitors are coming to spend money on a quality experience.

And Table 4 below of the Study - How did you hear about Cochise County?

How did you hear about Cochise County?






Been here before















Social networking site






*Does not sum to 100% because of multiple responses

From table above you can extract those items that YOU, as a business owner (and that is a Non Profit or For Profit Business Owner) can control. The FIRST major item that YOU can control is your Website and YOUR businesses/groups online presence.

Take a moment and answer the following questions:

  • Do you have a website?
  • Is your website current, do you keep it fresh with new content?
  • Can it be found on Google?
  • Is it mobile friendly?
  • Do you use social media (i.e., Facebook)?

Most business owners in Tombstone Arizona rely on Tourists for a large percentage of their business income. Tourists/visitors can be those one-time only visitors and repeat visitors – either way they are visitors. Each business owner can and should control how they attract those visitors, and importantly KEEP those visitors coming back to Tombstone and their business.

The Tombstone Chamber of Commerce is here to help you do just that!

We can guide you with certain aspects of marketing and help market and promote your business and events.
Does your business need help? Do you have questions? Talk to us?

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RANDOM REQUEST: 1870s Conestoga Wagon from Tombstone FOR SALE being sold by Pete Kline who had a Western Store in Tombstone – He can be reached at 432-9035, in Bisbee.