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Effective and Positive Communition using Facebook

Effective and Positive Communication using Facebook or 10 Facebook Etiquette Tips for Small Businesses 

A Facebook business page can be a big boost to your overall profitability. A Facebook page not only provides potential customers all the need-to-know information about your company, but it also enables you to interact with customers like never before, ultimately leading them to make more purchases from you. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to manage your business social media profiles. Inadequate page management can not only result in your posts being lost in the ever-shifting news feed, it can actually turn customers away from you. Follow these Facebook tips for your business and you should be on the right track.

  1. Complete Your Facebook Profile

First impressions are always the most lasting, and your Facebook business page won’t do you much good if customers can’t find the vital statistics regarding your business: location, contact info, hours of operation, and a detailed description of the products or services you offer. Good-quality images are also vital to providing your Facebook page with a polished and complete look. Photos of your storefront work well, as well as photos of any products you sell or services you provide.

  1. Watch What You Share

Anything you share represents you and your business. So although you might find an entertaining or moving article that is somewhat risque or controversial, keep in mind that not all potential customers share your sense of humor and world view. Limit humor to posts related to your business, and avoid posting anything related to politics or religion, unless the taboo topics happen to be the focus of your business.

  1. Earn Likes with Valuable Content

Begging Facebook users to please like or share your page isn’t the best way to gain new followers beyond family and friends. Sure, most pages start out with just such a group of fans, but there are better ways to spread word of your business beyond close acquaintances. If you want your brand to eventually go viral, entice readers to like and share your posts by including valuable content in them. Social-media users are prone to sharing informative posts about topics of current interest, profound quotations and captivating photos. You also can use your Facebook business page as a way to earn brand loyalty by emailing a note of thanks to new customers a week or two after their first purchases, at which point asking for a “like” or a “share” would be appropriate.

  1. Use Proper Grammar

If you want to be taken seriously, use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your Facebook posts and page details. If you’re unsure, take a look at your content in a word processor before posting to Facebook, closely examining the spelling and grammar check results. Likewise, don’t use all caps or needless exclamation points on the posts on your Facebook business page. You want your posts to leave just as professional an impression as your storefront, advertising, and website do.

  1. Don’t Stir Controversy

Avoid posting content that discusses politics or religion. Why risk insulting your followers by expressing an unpopular, albeit honest, opinion? If you wouldn’t bring up the topic in your place of business, don’t post it to your Facebook business page, either.

  1. Promptly Reply to Posts

There’s little more important in managing a Facebook business page than promptly replying to others’ comments, concerns, and suggestions. Since you’re busy running a business and may not be able to reply immediately, provide information on your page explaining how long people should expect to wait for a reply, then stick to the provided time frame.

  1. Remain Constructive

Remember, not all comments on your Facebook page will be positive. If you receive customer complaints, it’s still important to acknowledge the comment, but be constructive when doing so. Never engage in an argument with a customer online. Doing so could easily turn off other potential customers. If you can’t think of a constructive reply, diffuse the negativity with humor or take the discussion to a private message. If a customer reports a genuine mistake, acknowledge, apologize, and offer to solve the problem with a correction, exchange, or coupon.

  1. Allow Some Time Between Posts

Although it’s true that regularly posting updates to your page is important to engage followers and appear more often in their news feeds, you don’t want to bombard them with content. Consistently space out your posts, whether you post them a few hours apart or every other day, to reach a happy medium.

  1. Don’t Overpromote

When Facebook users like your business page, they are probably already in the market for the product or service you provide. They already know who you are, so your next job is to persuade them to choose your business over your competitors. Filling their news feeds with overly promotional posts isn’t the way to go about this, however. Instead, post updates that offer them valuable information related to your business. Many business owners stick to the 80/20 rule: For every eight informational posts, they post two promotional updates. Remember, there is a fine line between appropriate promotion and perceived spam.

  1. Keep Your Product Pitches on Your Own Page

While it’s OK to engage in comments and answer questions on other businesses’ Facebook pages, you should never pitch your own products or services there. It’s not only in poor taste, but readers easily could perceive you as a spammer. Instead, let your own business page speak for your business, and attract fans with the informed and witty conversation you contribute to other pages.  (Except the Tombstone Chamber’ Facebook Page- We WANT and ENCOURAGE you to post your services and announcements on the Chamber’s Facebook Page.)

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