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Don't Air Your Dirty Laundry


When most of us were growing up our parents taught us that you simply do not air your dirty laundry in public.

Why is it that some people seem to think that it is an acceptable practice to do so on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter?  Do they realize that this behavior can and does their personal and business reputation?  Not to mention, mom just would not approve!

For business, social media is primarily a branding monitoring solution. It is a way to positively connect with current and potential customers.   It offers businesses and entrepreneurs a way to market products via a kind of person to person popularity ranking system.  For individuals, social media is a cost free way to connect with friends, family and co-workers to share personal information.  For employers, it is fast becoming a way to monitor a potential employee before they have even interviewed them.

What you say on the Internet is public domain and can be viewed by anyone and is not an invasion of privacy.  People seem to believe that things you write on Facebook cannot be seem by anyone who is not your friend.  That is not entirely true, although Facebook has some security measures it in no way offers complete privacy.   What you post on a friend’s wall it can be viewed by others who are not on your friend list simply because they are on the list of your friend.

This scenario happens regularly – a friend is mad at his or her spouse or relative and blast an angry post on their wall or an angry teenager has an all out drama session on the wall of a friend.  Or a business owner is angry at another business owner and blasts an angry, less than professional; post out on their Facebook Fan Page.   It may very well be that you have taken the post off, made up and became friends again, but the social media damage to your reputation has already been done.

Friends and family will see you (or your business) as dramatic and lose trust in fear of having drama done to them.  Let’s face it, no one wants to be publicly humiliated and should not be subjected to that.

Drama in any social media public forum is never a good idea because it is you or your businesses online personal voice.  It is you or your businesses online image and a reflection of the real you.  If you or your business is constantly airing dirty laundry and fighting with friends, family, community members, other businesses, leaving distasteful remarks on the wall of others and are somewhat negative, how do you think others see you?  It is not rocket science, it is common sense.

Be smart, do not use social media to air your dirty laundry, create drama or make distasteful comments.  Think about it this way, you would not do that in real life so why would you do that on the Internet?

From a business perspective, social media is a powerful tool that can enhance the marketing effort of a business.    Social media is your brand and voice on the internet.  What does your voice say about your business?

On Behalf of ALL of Tombstone we would like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to the Tombstone Lions Club for the AMAZING Wyatt Earp Days Weekend!!!

Here is a wrap up of the efforts by the Tombstone Chamber in Support of Wyatt Earp Days from Susan Wallace, President – Tombstone Chamber

The Tombstone Chamber’s marketing plan is a year long and comprehensive.  It is comprised of a mulit-faceted approach.  We have several forms of advertising that runs all year long. 

These forms of adversting include:

  • TV,
  • Print
  • Radio
  • Tombstone Chamber Website
  • Facebook/Twitter – for the Tombstone Chamber, Tombstone Courthouse and  Boothill Graveyard.

The Tombstone Chamber event information and posts  are shared with partners such as:

and local and statewide media such as:

  • Sierra Vista Herald
  • Arizona Daily Star
  • Arizona Republic
  • KGUN9
  • KVOA4
  • KOLD13
  • Phoenix Channel ABC15
  • Cherry Creek Radio
  • Southern Arizona Guide
  • Tombstone News
  • Tombstone Epitaph
  • GreenValley News

Facebook promotions:

The general public is free to post on the Chamber’s facebook page, tag the Chamber, and reshare information to their own business/personal facebook page.  The Chamber will reshare information as the Tombstone Chamber’s publicity schedule allows.

Because Tombstone at Twilight and Wyatt Earp Days ran concurrently much of the advertising included both events.  Beginning the end of January 2015 The Chamber began to advertise Wyatt Earp Days.   And although Facebook is only a potion of of over-all marketing plan, up until the start date of the event there were nine Tombstone Chamber Facebook Posts that featured Wyatt Earp Days.   Those post had a total viewing of 14,928 and were shared 321 times

The Posts were also shared on various other Facebook pages of our media contacts and chamber members over 10 times, to include the Tombstone Courthouse and Boothill.  These had an over all post view of 13,946 and were shared 408 times

Other means of active publicity include AOT map, Billboards, Rack Cards, Member and Media E-Mail Blasts, Court House Historical App and the Davis Monthan Colonals App. We also strive to available to any group that has a scantioned event and work in tamdum to help promote deisemtion of accurate information not only the date of event itself but for the suport of the groups and it City of Tombstone Itself.

Tombstone Chamber Website:

  • Average monthly visitors:  12,566
  • Average monthly page views:  32,158
  • Average new visitors: 64.8%
  • U.S. Based Vistors: 86%

The Tombstone Courthouse had a fantasic weekend: 20.4% increase in visitor and a 11.5% increase in total revenue compared to last year’s Wyatt Earp Days.   Visitors at the Courthouse must pay to enter so keeping track of the number of visitors is determined by the entrance fees received. 

Boothill Graveyard had a good weekend, and from staff reports they entertained a lot of happy guests and visitors.