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Do You Have a Stake in the Game?

Tombstone Chamber

What's in it for you (your business) by being a member of the Tombstone Chamber of Commerce?

Well before we look at the benefits of being a Tombstone Chamber Member – let’s PUSH the elephant in the room around.

There are individuals /businesses that won’t join the Chamber because:

  • of some personality difference with another Chamber Member;
  • they don’t understand or see a benefit for joining;
  • they feel they don’t need anyone to help promote or recommend their business;
  • not joining gives them something (the Chamber) to complain about (yes, there are people who just like to complain).

Here are a couple of relevant quotes.

“People like to talk more than they like to act. They like to sit there and complain and vent. Somehow they think that changes things, when it doesn't.”  James Patterson, Author

Or a phrase that many parents have said to their children:

Cutting off Your Nose to Spite Your Face.  The idiom means you shouldn’t do something out of spite or revenge that will end up causing more harm to you than to the person with which you are angry. In other words, do not let your overreaction lead to self-harm.


If you don’t want to support the Chamber…

If you don’t want to support the organization that supports you, your business and community year round then don’t join the chamber of commerce. If you don’t want to support the group that is often the first personal point of contact with an opportunity to make a positive first impression for people considering visiting or relocating to Tombstone Arizona or the vicinity then don’t support the Tombstone Chamber of Commerce.

The Reality Is ….Unless You’re Part of the Chamber’s Efforts by being a Chamber Member  – You Can’t Have a Voice in the Process/Outcome and ultimately benefit from the efforts expended by the Chamber.

Benefits of a Chamber Business Membership are:

  1.   YOUR BUSINESS BECOMES A CHAMBER RECOMMENDATION - Our office receives thousands of calls from both local residents and out of town visitors asking us for recommendations for their needs and wants. We direct them to view our Chamber Member listings on the Tombstone Chamber website for recommendations..

The Tombstone community receives well over 500,000 visitors each year!!!  In a community of 1600+ residents that is an astounding number.   

Approximately 35-40% of these visitors have called or visited the Tombstone Chamber / Visitor Center.  That is conservatively 175,000 people!!!!

The Tombstone Chamber is regularly asked by our visitors:

  • Where can I stay?
  • Where can I eat?
  • Where can I shop?
  • Do you have a store that carries?
  • I want to move to the area can you recommend ...?
  • And . . .

The Tombstone Chamber WILL refer your business ALWAYS as part of your Chamber Membership.

  1. CHAMBER BUSINESS DIRECTORY - is available online at our website,  In addition to local interest, statistics show 80% of travelers look up what there is to do and services available before they visit a destination. Our Members Directory on our website tracks the number of unique views your listing receives.
  2.  YOUR INFORMATION DISPLAYED AT THE CHAMBER/VISTOR CENTER – Drop off your 4x9” information rack cards or business cards so we can display them in our lobby for local residents and visitors.
  3.  CHAMBER EMAIL UPDATES- as a member, you can submit information about something new or a special event that we will feature in our regular email that is sent to ALL chamber members, and posted on the Chamber’s website. 
  4.  HELP WITH YOUR EMPLOYMENT NEEDS- We will add any employment posting you have to our Newsletters and Facebook postings.
  5.  WEBSITE LISTING - Your business listing becomes part of our Chamber website.  If anyone is looking for a business, service or attraction, they can search for it by name or category on our website.  Your landing page on our website,, includes a description, logo, photos, a link to your website, Facebook and even can feature a short YouTube video.
  6.  CHAMBER MEMBER IDENTIFICATION - You'll receive a Chamber Member decal for your front door as well as a Chamber Member graphic for you to display on your website.
  7.  SOCIAL MEDIA POSTINGS -  The Tombstone Chamber's Facebook receives 8-10,000 page views monthly.   Chamber Members are welcomed and encouraged to post events and business news on the Chamber's Facebook Page Timeline.    Business Chamber Members can also receive a direct courtesy post by the Chamber of Commerce.  This post will reflect that it is posted by the Chamber on behalf of your business  This information can be submitted to

About Joining the Tombstone Chamber as an Individual

Individual Memberships are for those people not associated with a business who would like to support the Chamber’s good works in our communities. Typical individual members are people who are retired, just moved into the area or who moved out of the area but want to stay in touch with what it going on in Tombstone, AZ. Many people who volunteer at the Chamber are Individual Members. A membership makes a great gift for any occasion, particularly for someone who already has it all.

Individual members receive our Weekly Email Updates, and a listing on the Chamber website.

The Average U.S. Cost of a Chamber Membership

The average cost of membership depends on the size and number of employees your business has. Many small business memberships fall into the $30-40 per month range. Most chambers charge a $300 -$400 yearly fee. - as per the U.S. Chamber of Commerce 2015

The cost of a Tombstone Chamber of Commerce Membership

  • $150 - Tombstone Business Membership (Businesses in Tombstone)
  • $175 - Tombstone Business Membership (Businesses Outside of Tombstone)
  • $100 - Nonprofit / community based organization (IRS designated non profit)
  • $50 - Individual Membership (non business / non voting)

What the Tombstone Chamber CANNOT do is . . .

. . . publicize, promote, list, distribute, talk about... etc -  Chamber Member events and business information if.....

We NEED you to keep the Chamber informed... The the Chamber can keep our visitors, the community informed... and the various tourism groups and organizations informed about the events and happening in and around Tombstone Arizona.

Email your event, business activities, and other information you want promoted to:

Remember that you can read past newsletters by visiting:

Thank you,

Susan Wallace, President
Tombstone Chamber of Commerce