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Tombstone Company Arizona Rangers

The Arizona Rangers are an Arizona State authorized law enforcement auxiliary which provides assistance and support to police agencies throughout Arizona. There are 20 companies of Arizona Rangers working in communities all over the state. The newest of these Ranger Companies is the Tombstone Company 28, which started in August of this year. The Tombstone Rangers supplement the Tombstone Marshal’s Office with foot, motor, and now horse patrols.
The Tombstone Company Commander, Captain Lilla Deluca, said that “High visibility uniformed patrol is the best deterrent to crime and gives locals and visitors a feeling of security. A mounted patrol is just another extension of this.”

Seven members of the 22-man Tombstone Company are assigned to the mounted unit, which trains on a regular basis in law enforcement skills from horseback. The members of the mounted unit are: Major Kenn Barrett, Capt. Lilla DeLuca, Lt. Steve Lant, Lt. Mike Gross, Ranger Gail Eaton, Ranger Carol Sue Gross, and Ranger Geno D’Ambrose.

According to Captain DeLuca, the horse is one of law enforcement’s most versatile resource. “The horse is a magnet,” states DeLuca, “drawing crowds everywhere they go. People love to meet and greet not only the horses, but the Rangers that ride them. This adds a great public relations dimension to law enforcement in Tombstone.”

Commenting on other benefits of a mounted patrol, Deluca said, “Additionally, a mounted Ranger can see all the way down the street, from 6th Street to 3rd Street. That’s a real advantage over a foot patrol on the boardwalk, or motorized patrol that is not allowed on Allen Street.

According to DeLuca, routine horse patrol usually involves two horses and their riders. She said that people are often amazed at the level of training and ability this “herd of two” possesses. Regardless of the activity, whether it is community policing, crowd control, or search and rescue operations, mounted units are an integral part of the today’s law enforcement.” DeLuca further stated, “Our training emphasizes safety and the most current training methods in equine assisted law enforcement.”
For more information or information on joining us in the Tombstone Ranger Company please contact Lt. Mike Gross at (951)-500-7459.

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