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Shoot Out Arena

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Shoot Out Arena is a event arena that hosts Bull Ridings, Bull & Horse sales, Weddings, and Live Entertainment, and much more! We strive to bring you the "Western Lifestyle" into Tombstone, Az! Come join us and enjoy our events! It's a Buckin' Good Time!!

Business:Shoot Out Arena
Contact Phone Number: (307) 359-2055
Website Address: No Website Yet
Facebook Address:
Location: 316 S 3rd Street, Tombstone AZ 85638

Online purchase questions will be addressed as timely as possible between 10:00 am-6:00 pm and online purchasing stops at 6:00 pm on Friday evenings before the bull riding events

For in person purchases: Please go to our ticket office located inside the The Third and Survey Shopping Society at 317 S 3rd St, Tombstone Az.

For online purchases: Simply send a Facebook message to our ticket sales associate, Leann at
Leann will help you purchase your tickets through Venmo or PayPal.