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Poncho Vega’s Guns and Cowboy Leather

Back in the 1880s cowboys earned a dollar a day if they were good, and the luxury of a gun belt and holster or some other fine custom hand made leather work might often be determined by their own abilities as a leather worker.

Being skilled workers with leather, most saddle makers were commissioned to make gun leather, and a cottage industry thrived in the 19th and early decades of the 20th century.

Most every ranch or outfit had at least one person skilled with working leather – after all saddles, rein’s, bridles, and the such all needed maintaining, repairing and replacing, and a cowboy skilled with leather just added to his value as a ranch hand.

At Poncho Vega’s Guns and Cowboy Leather  we stay as true to the old west makers as we can, and make custom leather products such as belts, holsters, scabbards, wallets, purses, canteens, saddle bags & knife sheaf's made by Mike Vega in Tombstone, AZ.

Business: Poncho Vega’s Guns and Cowboy Leather
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Location: 302 E Fremont Street , Tombstone AZ 85638
Description:  Selling Guns and cowboy leather products

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