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B&C Patriot Woodworks

We're a little rough around the edges
30 years of experience. I cut my teeth as a woodworker while serving in the military. Resources in a deployed environment are scarce. In order to make your new "home away from home" more bearable, we would make shelves, dressers and desks out of leftover and scrap wood from construction necessary to protect the base. These items were passed down for future soldiers and airmen to utilize. The durability of these items gave me the idea of making custom furniture for my home. A pallet bar was my first creation.

We specialize in pallet bars customized for your home, retail, restaurant or office. Covering all of Maricopa, Pinal, Pima, Graham, Santa Cruz, Gila and Cochise Counties. Each piece of custom furniture is built to your specifications. We will partner and collaborate to make sure the piece you envision is the piece you get. How often you communicate with the woodworker is entirely up to you, but our job isn't done until you have the piece you want. Our pallet bars are priced for base models and increase depending on level of customization. We offer wood burning, stain and paint all sealed in with a UV protected coating. They are spectacular and durable. Above all else, they are one-of-a-kind and built for you.

We take pride in our custom furniture. Satisfaction and durability are our guarantees. The project isn't done until you are pleased with the result. With that, the piece is expected to be durable. The construction is designed for routine and regular use as with any piece of furniture. Our first pallet bar is still in use today, 6 years after construction. Expect some strain on finishes and discoloration, but this is expected of wood furniture.

Business: B&C Patriot Woodworks
Contact Phone Number: 253-227-7909
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Location: 2410 E Clanton Road, Tombstone AZ 85638