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Our Land of Legends -- where Cochise and later on, Geronimo roamed, raiding the ranches, fighting the Buffalo Soldiers and Mexican Army. Each of our small towns is pure Western history. Start with Benson, and imagine the Southern Pacific coming through in 1880 and suddenly it was possible to rapidly bring heavy mining equipment to Tombstone, just 25 miles away. Tombstone was a wild silver boom town for a few years, and then they found huge deposits of copper another 25 miles south in Bisbee. Huge! Check out the Lavender Pit, and delight in this historic town with all their little houses crazy-glued on the canyon's steep slopes. The copper went down to the smelters in Douglas for many years, and then off on the railroad to help electrify a growing nation. America's first international airport is here too. Amelia Earhart flew in, staying at the Gadsden Hotel, with its beautiful marble lobby and large Tiffany stained-glass windows. And a (sshh) secret tunnel in the basement that went all the way to Mexico, back in Prohibition!

Arizona's historic Highway 80 is now a National Historic Highway. Come explore this magic land, with whispers of the past everywhere, and a sky so clear and blue you won't want to ever return home. Not that you have to -- Benson alone has 1800 RV spaces, and real estate in TombstoneBisbee, and Douglas is delightfully inexpensive. See you soon!

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