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Congratulation to ALL OF US – Tombstone Arizona is …….

. . . a winner when we all READ, SHARE and USE the information that is being shared here in the weekly newsletter and on Facebook.   All of Tombstone benefits!

Why Share?   Well the better question is why not?   READING and SHARING unifies the community.   It allows the community to speak with ONE VOICE.   We are all on the same sheet of music.  It gives our visitors the information to make an informed decision about their trip.

Within the Tombstone Community there are continual events, business events & specials, and other information that deserves to be shared.

The goal…should be to create a Tombstone Information Network.  

It is a proven statistic that groups, organizations and communities that don’t collaborate, share, and disseminate information will not have the level of success that they deserve.   We all have a shared goal – to bring visitors to Tombstone.  To accomplish that goal we can’t operate in a vacuum.


How does the Chamber find/receive the information to share on Facebook?  

  • We have set up a GOOGLE ALERT for some keywords – Tombstone, Tombstone AZ, Tombstone Arizona just to name a few.   So any article that on the web that is posted (by anyone) we get an alert;
  • We have subscribed to almost all of the “travel” Facebook pages.   And recently we have seen the results of that with Katie’s Cozy Cabins being featured in one article, and The Birdcage Theatre and Big Nose Kate’s Saloon also being featured in an article;
  • We also subscribe to a lot of history related Facebook pages – and we know that many of our visitors love the history of Tombstone;
  • Occasionally we will receive a post on the Chamber’s Facebook page from a Community Member/Chamber Member and we will repost it to the Chamber’s page;
  • And finally we look at YOUR business Facebook pages for recent information, and if information isn’t there – we can’t share.


How does the Chamber find/receive event information to post on the website?

  • There is a great…wonderful…automated form on the Chamber website that will allow Chamber Members and Community Members (non Chamber Members) to submit event information.   How easy is that????
  • We have continually asked in every newsletter for event information to be submitted to Valerie (Wowsers Web Design, a Chamber Member) at if you don’t want to use the online form.
  • PLEASE PLEASE OH PLEASE to ensure that your event information is posted in a timely manner DON’T “DROP OFF” information to the Chamber office.  Getting YOUR event information to the right person is important to ensure that it is posted.  This helps the Chamber, and in turn will help get your event/information posted.


What Can You Share???

If you are a Chamber Member – you can share your upcoming sale, a new product, welcome a new employee, say goodbye to a departing employee, change in hours, a sponsorship of an event, – SHARE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS OR AN EVENT THAT YOU ARE INVOLVED WITH!!!!!

If you are a community member and are not a chamber member – you can share information about a community event.

Chamber Members and Community members have voiced their dismay when the Chamber hasn’t posted their event.     The question is was the information shared to the right place???   We can’t share what we don’t know, or share in a timely and efficient way if the information wasn’t sent to the correct person.

So back to Sharing and the Value of Sharing . . . regularly our visitors are looking at the Chamber website and Facebook to plan their next trip.  Whether that trip is a day trip or an extended vacation they want to know what is going on in Tombstone, AZ.   They want to know what is going on at their favorite hangout, store or what community event is happening.

The Chamber’s posting efforts are a SUPPLEMENT to your internet marketing efforts.  The Chamber relies on YOU to ensure your website is up-to-date, and your Facebook page is current.   


About the Chamber – what does the Chamber do –  extracted from the Chamber’s Website: 

“The Chamber’s goals and efforts work to promote our member’s business, encourage new business and to market Tombstone through a variety of advertising efforts and to increase visitation to Tombstone thus increasing our over-all city revenue.

The Chamber operates and manages the Visitor Center, Boot Hill, and the Tombstone Courthouse.   The Tombstone Chamber also is responsible for promoting Tombstone Arizona as a destination location with commitment to quality economic growth and development.”  


The Chamber’s Reach:

Website:   In the last 30 days the Chamber’s website has been viewed over 8000+ times:

  • 72.71% desktop views
  • 17.60% mobile views
  • 9.69% tablet views
  • 78.98% United States visitors
  • 6.20% Germany
  • 3.71% Russia
  • 2.26% United Kingdom
  • 5.73% Other Foreign Visitors
  • 55.56% New Visitors
  • 44.44% Returning Visitors
  • 31.87 Visitor age – 55-64
  • 23.98% Visitor age – 65+
  • 18.20% Visitor age 45-54
  • 11.29% Visitor age 34-44
  • 14.65% Visitor age 18-34


Facebook:   As a side note Facebook could learn a lot from Google Analytics.   Anyway – The Chamber’s Facebook page has a weekly post reach between 4000-5000 people.  A lot depends on what has been posted and shared.  The Facebook insights clearly show that people love:

  • News and posts about YOUR business – with great pictures and information.
  • What doesn’t do well is little pictures, and hard to read text.
  • The most shared posts are history, a feature about a business, and event information.


Cox Media – Canadian Reach:

For the week of September 13 – here are a few of the websites that Cox Media is reaching with 85,755 impressions on the Tombstone Chamber listing:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. ~Henry Ford


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