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Community Survival through AMAZING Customer Service and Historical Authenticity

Community Survival through AMAZING Customer Service and Historical Authenticity.  

Amazing Customer Service is this a realistic expectation for our guests to experience?    It better be or we might as well fold up Allen Street and call it a day right now.

The people who visit Tombstone, our guest, have choices on where to visit and spend their money.    And we store owners, employees, volunteers have a choice about how we treat them.   The choice we make regarding how they are treated WILL have a long lasting impact on a potential future visit and how they tell about their visit to their friends and family, and post about it on social media.  

The marketing thought is if a guest has had a bad experience they will tell at a minimum 25 people directly and also post about their bad experience on social media which could be seen by hundreds of people.   The Bad Customer Service experience has caused a loss of that guest and a potential loss of everyone they have connected with.  

Essentially EVERYONE in Tombstone working and volunteering on Allen Street is in the entertainment industry.   You have to be ON all the time.   In one of the earlier newsletters I related about the DISNEY WAY.   CUSTOMER SERVICE THE DISNEY WAY is something that EVERYONE working with our Guests can benefit from.

Here is an article about CUSTOMER SERVICE THE DISNEY WAY:

And if you’re interested – BE OUR GUEST – Customer Service the Disney Way is available on Amazon.

Guests/Visitors are the lifeblood of Tombstone.   With the popularity of social media, a bad comment isn’t just seen by one person…it is seen by hundreds, if not thousands.    And yes, you can delete the bad comment from the page –  however a deletion doesn’t fix or address the problem.  And by the time you have deleted it – it already has been seen by many people.

We as a community have to take the good comments with the bad and learn from both.

Now I suppose you’re wondering why this is a topic.  Below there is a comment from a Tombstone Visitor about an event….and their bad experience that they posted on the Tombstone Chamber’s Facebook page.

Visitor:  Cami Duncan – posted December 27, 2015 

We had in-laws of in-laws visit from the midwest for the holidays who were very excited to visit Tombstone for your special Twilight event. Everyone knew it was going to be cold out but still we all drove to Tombstone from Benson and Pomerene only to find out the Twilight organizers changed up several of the times at the last minute, shutting down many of the planned events long before the expected 8pm end time. Several of our family members spent a LOT of money at Tombstone businesses and earned many door prize tickets which they turned in at a wonderful business the Tombstone Sweet Memories as instructed. Only to find out the 8pm door prize drawing had already been conducted and none of their tickets were included. The man who said he was in charge of Twilight was rude and completely uncaring about how upset our family members were. The walkdown of old west characters was also cancelled with nothing offered in place to make up for this lost family event. No wonder Tombstone has to resort to events like Twilight when you have people in charge who don’t give a crap about the tourists. He basically said our family’s experience didn’t matter in the big picture because Tombstone keeps attracting people and has for 100 plus years. Well buddy trust me, everyone heard about your attitude toward tourists at church and breakfast this morning. Dozens more will hear about it on the plane home from Phoenix to Indianapolis, and on every facebook page everyone in our family can locate that deals with Tombstone. The cold weather was something the Twilight group should have prepared for. They had a horrible experience, all because the guy in charge couldn’t be respectful of tourists. Great job promoting Tombstone.

Tombstone Chamber of Commerce Response – December 27, 2015

I am so sorry about your experience. Tombstone at Twilight and the Tombstone Forward organization is the group that organizes and conducts Tombstone at Twilight. We will pass your concerns and comments on to ALL the Chamber Members via our weekly newsletter, unfortunately Tombstone at Twilight /Tombstone Forward are not Chamber Members. I would suggest contacting them directly via their Facebook page….or on their website Thank you again for your comments.

Visitor:  Cami Duncan Response – posted December 27, 2015

Dear Tombstone Chamber, THANK YOU for the 1st respectful comments about the family’s disappointment. I can not believe that group is not a member of the Chamber. Crazy wrong. Appreciate getting that info which actually says a lot about what happened. My apologies for connecting the Chamber of Commerce to last night’s unfortunate events and thank you again for replying. I will pass along the message to all our family members!

p.s. Whoever wrote the reply for the Chamber deserves a big high five for knowing how to respond to criticism in a professional and proactive way! The Old Tombstone Gazette please take note of the above replies!

Tombstone Chamber of Commerce Response – December 27, 2015

Cami, You are most welcome. I hope you will give Tombstone another chance. It is really a great community that loves to authentically promote its history in a fun and educational way.


Tombstone has a rich history – from the late 1880 to about 1930 (the historical period).    Our visitors love to learn about Tombstone’s history – beyond the common topic of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.   There is the influence of the Chinese immigrants, the Jewish Community, silver mining, and more.

What all organizers of events must make sure is that the information that is be delivered to the general public is historically accurate and authentic.   Example:  Having a Jessie James (or Cole Younger) involved in a gunfight is NOT historically accurate.     

We are essentially selling an authentic historical experience with AMAZING Customer Service.

The goal is REPEAT GUESTS and for these guests to influence and bring friends and family.   Let’s make this a New Year’s Resolution to continually achieve this goal.   We all benefit when there are happy guests and repeat guests.


On behalf of the Tombstone Chamber – HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!!

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