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The Chamber, TOMA, Tombstone, and YOU (or your business)

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The bottom line of branding is to achieve Top-Of-Mind Awareness (TOMA) for Tombstone AZ.  It simply means to position TOMBSTONE AZ to have it occupy the topmost position of a potential visitor’s minds when they think of taking a vacation.

In marketing, Top-Of-Mind Awareness is a way of measuring how well brands rank in the minds of consumers. TOMA when defined in marketing metrics, is the first brand that comes to mind when a consumer is asked an unprompted question about a category. It is the percentage of customers for whom a given brand assumes the topmost of their minds.


What The Heck Does the Chamber Do??? For Me (my business), and TOMA, and Tombstone AZ.

The Chamber by its own declaration was formed to "advance the general welfare of the Tombstone area and prosperity of the Tombstone area in order that its citizens and all areas of the business community prosper.

The Tombstone Chamber of Commerce is known throughout the United States, and in some pockets world wide as the marketing arm of our community. Our goals work to promote our member’s business, encourage new business and to market Tombstone through a variety of advertising efforts and to increase visitation to Tombstone thus increasing our over-all city revenue.

Your membership supports our community and the Chamber to pursue the goal to have Tombstone remain and grow as a "destination point" for national and international visitors.


Take a minute to review/read the 2016 Tombstone Chamber of Commerce Advertising & Marketing Summary (last year's report).


Take another minute to read/review "Why Should I (my business) Invest in the Tombstone Chamber of Commerce by Becoming a Chamber Member."


After Reviewing/Reading through the information - you should have a pretty good idea what the Tombstone Chamber does - for your business, and for Tombstone AZ.

Now having said that....there are still some Tombstone business owners that say "The Chamber Doesn't Do Anything." "They Don't Help Me." "My Business Doesn't Benefit."

Sometimes... in a case like this - I reflect on an old saying "You Can Lead a Horse to Water, but You Can't Make Him Drink."

It is difficult, after reviewing the advertising report, understanding that the Chamber operates with limited staff, and most actions are done through the VOLUNTEER Board of Directors, not to realize the benefit that the Chamber has to the over all community of Tombstone.

The overall marketing effort through print, television and social media all is in a effort to keep Tombstone AZ in a TOP OF MIND AWARENESS for potential and returning visitors.


Being a Quarterback or an Arm Chair Quarterback.

The quarterback is the one who takes the ball down the field... works with the other teammates for the win.

The arm chair quarter back is the one who criticizes and second guesses... and always has a better way (though doesn't volunteer to do any thing).

Tombstone AZ needs Quarterbacks!


The Chamber Can Do More - With your Help and Input

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