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Filming in Tombstone, Arizona


So many books have been written and films have been made about Tombstone that we are a brand unto ourselves. Few know what a great place it is to film in today! Tombstone is the perfect "hub" community for filming in Cochise County! We are practically a 30-minute drive from ghost towns, rugged terrain, water features, caves, mountains, larger cities and small towns alike, for all your film and video needs.

Please Contact the City of Tombstone regarding all requirements/permits to film in Tombstone Arizona.

Primary contact: Tombstone City Hall - (520) 457-2202 -

Tombstone is surrounded by picturesque unspoiled natural landscapes. Many buildings date from the 1880’s with true to period interiors, which saves you, the film maker money in not having to dress rooms. Many a professional thespian has made their home here so finding actors with their own wardrobe and props abound. Many Western History writers call Tombstone home and are available for historical consultation and fact checking.