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Destination Marketing – A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Rising Tide

Destination Marketing
Strategies to make Tombstone AZ the Place To Go!

What is Destination Marketing?

Destination marketing is a type of marketing that promotes a destination (town, city, region, country) with a purpose to increase the number of visitors. In other words, destination marketing is a tourism advertising for a specific place. Unlike product marketing, where the products are delivered to customers through distribution channels, in destination marketing consumers move to the destinations.

The Tombstone Chamber has been continually active with marketing Tombstone AZ as a Destination Point and working with Arizona Tourism Organizations and Groups.

Now… having said all of that – as we all know – to be successful a marketing and advertising effort has to adjust to the various audiences – taking age, gender, and geographic location in consideration.

And we here at the Chamber believe in sharing information, plans, and tactics.   As we all know “A rising tide lifts all boats.” 

Tombstone Arizona is a highly visible and well-visited community that is an important part of American history. Who hasn’t heard of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday or the Gunfight at the OK Corral?  Tombstone Arizona is part of every US History book, been featured in numerous movies and documentaries, and is a definite place that people from ALL OVER the world want to see, visit and experience.

Our community lives up to the tag line of “The Town Too Tough To Die.”   We have endured the continuing economic roller coaster, and are adjusting to the trends in “Heritage Tourism” and realizing the power of how social media can help our businesses.  The statement below is a marketing statement …a statement of expectations of sorts.

“Imagine an entire city on the National Historic Register.  What you’ll see in Tombstone Arizona today is a careful, accurate restoration of a historically significant Town in Southern Arizona.  Much of Tombstone’s architecture is unique to the West.  While the mining boom of 1877 brought the likes of Tombstone’s founder, Edward Schieffelin, it also provided the back drop for the “shots heard around the world” at the Gunfight at the OK Corral.  Tombstone Arizona is a living showcase of American history.”

Does this statement accurately represent Tombstone Arizona?   Our Community Visitors come from near and far… and have an expectation of an AMAZING HISTORICAL ADVENTURE!  They want to see, and hear and experience the history of Tombstone Arizona.      

Williamsburg Virgina, Deadwood South Dakota and Dodge City Kansas, like Tombstone Arizona ALL depend on Tourism.    All of these community, to include Tombstone Arizona are adjusting and becoming innovative (thinking out of the box) in ways to attract new and repeat visitors.

We here, in Tombstone Arizona, participate in DESTINATION MARKETING every day.   Every time you share something about Tombstone Arizona on Social Media – you are marketing.  You are promoting Tombstone Arizona.  

There are different elements of Tourism Marketing that we’ve covered in the past and can be found in past Newsletters:

In the Next Few Weeks in our newsletters we are going to go through the various Destination Marketing Strategies … and we sincerely hope that you will find some of these relevant and helpful.


The First Strategy is – THE WEBSITE

The Tombstone Chamber website is well used.   It receives upwards of 10,000 visitors monthly.   It searches well, and is responsive on all mobile devices.  It is filled with information.   We regularly receive emails from people from ALL OVER THE WORLD asking for information.  So do we need to do anything?   There is always room for improvement… and knowing how individuals search for information – we have chosen to do a few enhancements.

  1. We have added a Google Translator that will translate the website in to 99% of languages. The Google Translator has been added to all extensions of the website.
  2. We’ve taken the RELOCATION INFO. navigation tab and turned it in to a completely separate website that branches off from the main Tombstone Chamber website.   This website,  stands alone with visiting and relocation information.   This website is optimized, responsive, and has the Google Translator feature.
  3. We’ve taken the ABOUT TOMBSTONE navigation tab and turned it into a completely separate website that branches off from the main Tombstone Chamber website. This website, stands alone with Tombstone AZ background information & history.  This website is optimized, responsive, and has the Google Translator feature.

These separate, yet integrated, portions of the Tombstone Chamber website will have the flexibility to be part of the Chamber’s main site, and have the power to be searchable through its own content and the keyword rich domain.

This is all for now… about the first strategy for Destination Marketing – Next up will be about Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snap Chat and Twitter.