Why are “Private Funds” being used to maintain/restore a City owned building.

We had a question on Facebook about: Why are “Private Funds” being used to maintain/restore a City owned building.

This is a great question.

First – the term “Private Funds” are investment funds.
And “Public Funds” are those monies that are garnered through taxes.

This Tombstone Chamber of Commerce fundraising project uses neither of these types of funds.

The City of Tombstone has received almost $175,000 in Community Block Development Grants for the restoration of the inside and the Africanized bee removal at Old City Hall.

See specifics here:

The Old City Hall does in fact belong to the City of Tombstone and is a certified National Historic Landmark and is part of Tombstone Historic Registry. 

See specifics here:

The shortfall for the total exterior restoration is approximately $75,000. The Tombstone Chamber of Commerce volunteered to head up, promote, and be the recognized certified charity through The Chamber established a website: and a Crowd Funding page:

Many communities have historical buildings that are a “non-revenue producing building” that are City owned in need of continued or overall restoration, like Deadwood, SD, or Chicago, Il, or even Boston, MA. (just to list a couple) and have successfully used donations through crowd funding or a direct plea to the public for support.

Tombstone Arizona lives and exists because of tourism. The enhancement/restoration of a historical building is good for EVERYONE in the community – every business, store owner, and individual that lives, shops, eats, and works here in Tombstone – will benefit.

Some communities leverage their tax base through a bond or raising of taxes to accomplish a restoration or a renovation of a City owned building. We’ve see it done as close as Sierra Vista, Tucson, Phoenix, etc.

The choice to make up the shortfall using “donated monies” was simple. It was important to involve EVERYONE who loves Tombstone – to be part of something greater, and to part of leaving a legacy for future generations to enjoy and experience.

The first donation for this project came from individual who lives clear across the United States, who clearly stated that he believes in Tombstone and he believes it is critical that buildings like the Old City Hall be restored for future generations.

And this isn’t the first time that donations have helped restore a City owned building. In 1942 Cochise County sold the Tombstone Courthouse building to the City of Tombstone for $1. The old building was used primarily for storage, and also as a “haunted house” for thrill-seeking youngsters. In August, 1955, the City leased the Courthouse to the Tombstone Restoration Commission (TRC), a nonprofit organization, to restore the building to its former glory. TRC’s dynamic president, Edna Landin, led a fund raising campaign that brought national attention and small donations from all over the world.

It is unfortunate today that some of our local residents don’t see the bigger picture that restoring the Old City Hall has an over all benefit for the community as a whole. 

Tombstone Arizona, your community, your town… needs your support to restore this beautiful old building so that it can be used, and enjoyed by our guests now and in the future.


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