State Park Info, Being Social and Leaving the Lights on!

The Tombstone Courthouse has an advertisement running with the Davis-Monthan AFB that is displayed:

  • In the hard copy of the Relocation Guide
  • On the website, linking live with our website.
  • On the phone app (this tools reports the best daily gas prices, military deals around town, displays the   businesses that came into the relocation guide providing driving instructions to your location,  also  allowing users to call or link directly to your business’ website plus a whole lot more!).
  • Monthly we are able to put information or promotions about your company monthly phone app.
  • Our ad will stay in place for a minimum of 52 full weeks!

The Courthouse is hosting a Darkside Event in May, we will be opening our doors to paying customers that will walk the halls at night to see what they can see as paranormal investigators.

The Courthouse App ( is most visited during the work week

We hosts weddings… While we don’t have an officiant to perform the wedding (we refer out for that) it is a low fee of $25.00 for an up to 14 people wedding. Please refer to our wedding policy for more information pertaining to this.

Did you know The Tombstone Courthouse functions as a State Park? The actually name is Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park.  Because we function under the lead of Arizona State Parks, we must adhere to Arizona State Park rules. Arizona State Parks has a Special Use Permit for (including but not limited to) commercial photography, private special events, public special events and festival special use.   For more information please visit:

  • All of these permits have different required notice (180 days to 30 days)
  • There is an application as well as fees assessed with these permits
  • And of course rules with each permit

We here at the Courthouse are in hopes we can change and/or correctly manage these guidelines and will do our bests to assist when needed to make your event go well.

  • We have a few new displays in and out of our Courthouse
  • We are about to celebrate a five year anniversary with one of the staff here at the courthouse! We couldn’t be any more proud of her.


Upcoming Events and Activities


Saturday, April 25/26 –RV City –  RV Show  at Tombstone at the corner of 4th and Allen Street.

Thursday, April 30 – Healthy Living Workshop – for more information please visit

May 2015 –Center for Lifelong Learn/Cochise College –  They have a great collection of upcoming classes.  For more information please visit


Featured Chamber Member of the Week – Larian Motel

The Larian Motel was built in 1957 and is a Tombstone landmark in its own right. Continually providing a level of service and “Western Hospitality” to our guests, that usually exceeds their expectations. We are located centrally, “in the heart” of Tombstone’s historic district. You may enjoy walking just a block or so to historic attractions such as: O.K. Corral and Historama, Crystal Palace Saloon, Big Nose Kate’s Saloon, Tombstone Court House, Bird Cage Theatre, The Rose Tree Museum, as well as several other Souvenir Shoppes, Saloons and Museums.  For more information please visit:


Social Media Corner – The Necessity of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become a necessity if you want to stay even or exceed the efforts of your competition. Our society literally functions tuned into social media each day, and if you are not there with them you and your business are being left behind.

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all being used to the hilt to promote products and services to the extent that these are the places that up and coming younger people are looking to find their products and services. It is estimated that the age group of 15 to 24 derives 95% of all their knowledge about the world in general and their desired products and services specifically from this source.

Print, radio and TV are still the huge marketing platforms in the advertising industry, but the demographics are changing rapidly. Since many people carry their smart phones with them everywhere they go, the competition for ad space on that platform is becoming more and more competitive each and every day.

What if you could focus your brand, or your company directly to the market of people who would readily give your product a serious look, if only they knew about you and where they could buy your product? Would that be valuable to your business? Of course it would, in a heartbeat! That is what social media can do.

There are billions of people on the social media sites right now, and even though the marketing side of things is still in its infancy, things are heating up in a hurry. If an idea or a product catches on with Facebook or Twitter, for example, a concept can “go viral” and have thousands of individuals view it in a matter of hours.

Campaigns can now be planned around specific products and regions where people that are interested in certain concepts and ideas will respond depending upon their likes and dislikes, regional feelings, and the like. Identifying and locating specific individuals who think a certain way is a better method of selling something than throwing up a bunch of ads hoping that someone will see them and buy something.

Even though most of the social media is designed for that purpose, being socially active, there is still a lot of room for marketing to those people. Individuals will tend to mimic what their friends do as they derive credibility from their digital media friends and rely on that as being credible.

Social media allows for marketers to reach thousands of people through the friend’s networks that never would be possible with other types of advertising methods. The process utilizes the power of relational influence for people to validate their opinions. The old adage of, “If it is good enough for Mary, it ought to be good enough for me”, prevails in the thinking of people.

Business should now be embracing the advantages of social media marketing and learning all about how to implementing it into their regular marketing budget. It is just in the beginning stages and during the next several years it will blow the lid off the top of the current concepts of marketing and advertising in general.

Is Your Business Social?

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