Kickin Off the New Year…

A Snippit of the Tombstone Chamber’s Marketing and Advertising Campaign – July – December 2015

KVOA-4 Tucson;

  • COZI-TV- 75 spots (:30)
  • Tucson Today 6a- 42 (:30)
  • News 4 is sponsored by Tombstone Chamber of Commerce- 72 (:05)
  • Weekend Rotator- 10a – 6p- 42 (:30)
  • News 4 at 4p- 54 (:15)
  • Rotator- No Charge- If Possible- :30 (48)

Total number of spots- 333

Adults 35 and Older- 594,898 (Southern Arizona)- WE REACHED- 520,979 (87.6%) WHO SAW IT 9.8 TIMES


Rack Cards:

Last year we distributed 250,000 Rack cards.  They were distributed all over Arizona (Phoenix Area, Tucson/Nogales , Benson/Willcox, Yuma, Grand Canyon area and Las Cruses ).   It is estimated that at the end of the year we will meet or exceed last year’s distribution.


Arizona State Map

Last year we distributed 150,000 maps. (AOT Publication) Arizona statewide, circulation in hotels/motels & Chambers of Commerce across the US, AAA) and it looks as if we will meet or exceed last year’s distribution.


Live Webcam

As most of you know we brought the webcam service basically “in-house” in an effort to save that monthly payment amount and to hopefully enhance the service.   For a couple of months the cameras were down…and not to get to technical . . . our internet service provider inadvertently blocked the IP address for the cameras.  Since the beginning of November the cameras have been working flawlessly.

The enhancement is the cameras are in color and there are two views.   The Chamber averages between 250-350 camera views daily.

The downtime had a little bit of a benefit – we had numerous phone calls and emails from all over the United States and emails from overseas inquiring about the status of the webcams.   And since they have been back up we have received many emails from all over thanking Tombstone for the Web Cams.   They are well watched and enjoyed by past and future visitors.


Our Almost Weekly E Mail Blast News Update to Chamber

We appreciate your reading, sharing, and commenting on the “Almost Weekly” email blasts.   We try to pick topics that hopefully will be helpful and resonant with you and your business/organization.  Some weeks we are very successful and other weeks….not so much.   If you have a topic that you’d like covered or want to learn more about – email us at


Website Contact Form:

With the new website we have a contact us form, something that the other website did not have.   This has allowed visitors to contact us outside of normal business hours at their convenience. We receive 10+ email requests weekly for information and brochures.  


Chamber Phone Calls:

The Chamber receives about 100 phone calls per week with 80% requesting information on Tombstone.  


The Chamber Website – Overall

Last year, the Chamber’s website received 12,566 monthly visitors.

Currently the Chamber’s website is averaging 14,650 monthly visitors.


The Chamber Website – Events

An enhanced and new feature with the website is the ability to have an individual view count on the event page.  It is public…and at the bottom left hand corner of each event page.  The counter begins immediately when the event is posted publically.

For example:  Vigilante Days 2016– Posted on October 23, 2015

As of this morning there have been 2013 event views.


The Chamber Website & Facebook Posting – Posting Events – Chamber Member

Event Listing for Chamber members: Unlimited.  And as a service to the Chamber Member, the Tombstone Chamber can/will submit your event for you.  If you want the Chamber to submit your event please email all of the information to the Chamber ( at least 14 days prior to the start date of your event.

Hot Deal listing for Chamber Members:  Unlimited

Facebook posting for Chamber Members:  The Chamber will post your event/hot deal information directly.  The Chamber will also reshare posts made by your business to the Chamber’s page.  And the Chamber will share posts from your business page to the Chamber Facebook page and share them to other travel related Facebook pages. 

A Tombstone Chamber Member benefit for  YOUR business is that you can UNLIMITEDLY post your events and HotDeals promoting YOUR business or events.  


The Chamber Website & Facebook Posting – Posting Events – Non Chamber Member

These are Events that are conducted by Non Chamber Members (Groups/Organization/Business):   The Group/Organization/Business must submit their event themselves via the Chamber website, and can post 1 event per month.    

Hot Deal listing for Non Chamber Members:  Not Available

Facebook posting for Non Chamber Members:  Non Chamber Members are encouraged to post their event themselves to the Tombstone Chamber’s Facebook page.   


Tombstone Chamber Facebook Page – In General

Facebook Posting:  The Tombstone Chamber Facebook page receives 8-10,000 page views monthly.   Chamber Members are welcomed and encouraged to post events and business news on the Chamber’s Facebook Page Timeline.  The Chamber will reshare your event or business information.  

The Chamber will also pull information for the Chamber’s Facebook page from the event listing and Hot Deals listed on the Chamber Website, and will pull/share information from your business Facebook page.   This post will reflect that it is posted by the Chamber on behalf of your business.  

The power of posting your business info on the Tombstone Chamber Facebook page is that community events, deals, and specials are seen by 8-10,000 visitors monthly.   AND posts made by the Chamber that are about Tombstone specials, events, and deals are routinely SHARED by various tourism groups throughout the state.


Tombstone Chamber Facebook Page & Other Listings – Event Specific – The Process – for a Chamber Member

About a month out from an event it is posted on the Tombstone Facebook Page.

For Example:  Vigilante Days 2016  was posted on the Tombstone Chamber’s Facebook page on January 5, 2016.   The post has been seen 993 times, and shared 31 times …in approximately 24 hours.  

This event will be promoted at least 2 more times on the Chamber’s Facebook page.  The event will also be promoted at least once on the Tombstone Courthouse Facebook and Tombstone Boot Hill Facebook Page.


Chamber Member events – Free Listings

Chamber Member Events are also posted on FREE event listings such as:


The Power of a Facebook Post – in a Positive Way

On December 13 – on all three Facebook Pages we posted pictures of the Tombstone snowfall.  

On the Tombstone Courthouse Page we posted an older picture of snowfall and the Courthouse.   That picture received 95,571 views and 1,239 shares.  

On the Tombstone Boot Hill Page we posted a recent picture of snowfall in graveyard.  The picture received 3,515 views and 41 shares.

On the Tombstone Chamber’s page we shared a picture from Arlene’s – of snowfall on Allen Street – and it received 890 views.

The power of Social Media is exponential!   For the Chamber members we are happy to share your information and events.


Your Involvement – This is YOUR Chamber.

Tombstone is an AMAZING small community with a Big Heart.  We are blessed to have volunteers that will stand in rain, snow, sleet, and sunshine to work our many events, greet our guests, and show off the best our community has to offer.   We here at the Chamber….want to hear from you, we want you to submit your business/organization events and activities.   

We NEED you to TELL US what YOU want to promote, or if you have constructive ideas that could enhance how Tombstone is promoted – tell us.   As a Chamber Member, the dollar value of your Chamber membership equals less than a trip to McDonalds a month.  We want you to feel the value of what we do for YOU and for Tombstone…..and to get that “warm and fuzzy” feeling we want you to be involved!

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