We’re HOG Wild about HOGs…and the visitors that they brought

We need to extend a few acknowledgements of appreciation to those who supported the efforts of the rally.

Thank you to:

  • The Devere’s & the Rose Tree;
  • Cafe Margarita and the staff;
  • Mayor Dusty Escapule;
  • Our wonderful organizations that provided a positive Tombstone experience for these visitors;
  • All the businesses that opened early.

All in support of this HOG Rally and the ultimate benefactor – The American Cancer Society.

The Hog Rally brought participants from not just all over Arizona, but from literally ALL OVER.

By the comments that we’ve received and read … a good time was had by all.


Events like these:

  • Expose Tombstone Arizona to visitors that otherwise might never think to visit;
  • Are reflected in the cash registers of the businesses that opened early;
  • Create a positive “Buzz” throughout social media (Facebook) about the positive experience a guest had in Tombstone;


Three Blocks of History and a Million Miles of Guest Expectations

Here in the United States, Tombstone Arizona is a well-visited, historical and vital part of American history.  Our community lives up to the tag line of  “The Town Too Tough To Die.”   We have endured through the economic roller coasters, and some of us are adjusting to the trends in “Heritage Tourism” and realizing the power of how social media can help (and hurt) our businesses.

“Imagine an entire city on the National Historic Register.  What you'll see in Tombstone Arizona today is a careful, accurate restoration of a historically significant city.  Much of Tombstone’s architecture is unique to the West.  While the mining boom of 1877 brought the likes of Tombstone’s founder, Edward, it also provided the back drop for the “shots heard around the world” at the Gunfight at the OK Corral.  Tombstone Arizona is a living showcase to history.”

The Guests that visit Tombstone have an expectation of an AMAZING HISTORICAL ADVENTURE!  

Williamsburg  Virgina, Deadwood South Dakota or Dodge City Kansas, like Tombstone Arizona ALL rely on Tourism.   Tombstone NEEDs guests/visitors to ensure our Town remains viable, that it grows, that our business owners can remain open.   I am sure you agree with this statement.

How do we do this?  By the community as a whole CONTINUING to being innovative, creative, thinking out of the box, and remembering that we are providing a Historical Themed Experience to our guests.  Which as we have discovered that Historical Themed Experience can happen if our guests arrive as a family in a car, or in a group as part of a HOG Rally.


By reading through all of the comments from those that attended the HOG Rally the general consensus is that:



Upcoming Events....  It's Helldorado Days.  October 21-23, 2016

The chamber is receiving emails and phone calls... looking for a Helldorado Schedule.. Unfortunately we do not have one ... yet.  

It is really important if you are conducting an event to send the Chamber ( a schedule as soon as possible so it can be posted on the website and on the Chamber's Facebook page.   


Thank you,

Susan Wallace, President - Tombstone Chamber of Commerece -

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