Bees… Bees… Bees and a Little Food For Thought

Many of you probably already know that the Tombstone Courthouse had a few… ok a lot … of uninvited guests – BEES!!!!   And the Courthouse was closed for a couple of day – it reopened this morning.  A huge thank you to the Killer Bee Guy and crew! As well as a big thank you to the Tombstone Mayor, Marshals office, and Southwest Crane for helping in the bee matter. 

We are glad to reopen the doors in the morning! Hope to see you all real soon! 


Food for Thought:

Do you believe that a community is stronger when organizations / individuals work together for a common cause or event?

Or do you believe that organizations/individuals should just do their own thing… even if the goals/cause are the same?

Here is a great article about Duplicated Effort vs. Partnership


Upcoming Events: 

Tombstone Territorial Days – September 17/18, 2016.   For more information:

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