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Saturday, May 16:  Armed Forces Day.   This is a nice opportunity for your business to pay tribute to men and women who serve the United States’ armed forces.

There are a “slew” of upcoming events on the Chamber website  Here are some of the upcoming events:

May 16/17: Douglas Days A community celebration you don’t want to miss! Come join us in celebrating Douglas’ past, present, and future on May 15th and 16th at Raul Castro park located on 10th street between D and E avenue.  The annual event commemorates the day Douglas was incorporated on May 15, 1905.  This year’s event is dedicated to former Arizona Governor Raul H. Castro.

May 16:  Breakfast with Doc Holliday, The Tombstone Repertory Company Presents Breakfast with Doc Holliday by Kenn Barrett.   Every Saturday in May at  7:00 p.m., and three matinees – May 3, 24, 31 at 3:00 Historic Scheiffelin Hall – 4th and Fremont Street, Tombstone Arizona

May 22 / 9:00 a.m.: The Cameo Ladies once again present the Annual Mini Golf Tournament fundraiser.  This year the proceeds will go to purchase Medical Equipment and training for first responders in Tombstone.   Our goal is to be able to place several units in  strategic  locations in  town. We have been working very hard on this project, and we respectfully request your help and participation.  Teams will be sponsored by our own very generous local merchants.  1800s or western attire will be so appreciated.  Come and participate or just watch and help us make our town a little safer for our families and visitors.  See you there!

Location:  The Mad Miner’s Mini Golf Course-At Old Tombstone Western Town (Helldorado)/ 4th Street and Toughnut Street

May 22:  On The Spot Productions Presents Wyatt Earp – A Life on The Frontier

7:00 p.m. at Schieffelin Hall. Featuring Wyatt Earp as Wyatt Earp Written by Terry Earp Meet The Man and Not The Myth The Story Hollywood Didn’t Tell!

Set in the mid 1920’s an elderly Wyatt Earp tells of his adventures during the final days of the American frontier from Arizona to Alaska.   The year is 1928; the place is in the couples Los Angeles, California apartment. Wyatt reluctantly speaks to (a fictional reporter) Mr. Noble, as an elderly Wyatt tells of his time in Tombstone, Arizona, his life afterwards and follows the sometimes-turbulent times of the couple’s 47-year life together as they traveled and prospected throughout the west and Alaska.

Wyatt Earp: “A Life on The Frontier” which won the AriZoni award in 1996 and has over 755 performances through out the United States, Canada and Europe. The plays that Terry have written, and both Wyatt and Terry star in are, historical based plays and are a part of the Tombstone Saga…

Tickets are $15.00 each and can be purchased in advance at The Larian Motel Downtown Tombstone Arizona

May 23/10 a.m – May25/4:15 p.m. To honor one of the West’s most famous lawman Wyatt Earp the Tombstone Lion’s Club will be raffling off an 1851 44 cal. Black Powder, Navy Colt Revolver. Be sure to be there on Saturday at 4:15pm when the winner is announced!

  • Saturday May 23rd, 2014: Come join in for a weekend of fun starting with the singing of our National Anthem at 10:00AM. We will have continuous and various entertainment until 4:00PM.
  • Sunday, May 25th, 2014: Once again, we will kick off the day with the singing of the National Anthem at 10:00AM. We will have the most delicious Chili Cook-off this side of the San Pedro. There will be continuous street entertainment running until 4:00PM.
  • Monday, May 26th, 2014: The day will start at 10:00AM with our National Anthem. There will be continuous entertainment right up until the time for the winner drawing of the 1851 Navy Colt revolver, around 4:15PM.

Some of our entertainment will include: gunfights, hangings, an 1880’s fashion show, and a Wyatt Earp look-a-like contest.  The event is sponsored by the Tombstone Lion’s Club.  If you have any questions you can call “Bronco Bill” at 520-266-5266 or email at

May 23:  Tombstone at Twilight – Be sure to stick around after the first day of Tombstone’s “Wyatt Earp Days” for Tombstone at Twilight! The Town will be open later, so take a stroll down the boardwalks with the old gas lamps to light your way. There will be shopping, dining, entertainment and a free evening gunfight by Blood at Dusk Gunfighters.  There will also be raffles done throughout the night.   

Send your event information to: – Please do not send PDF documents.   We appreciate your information in a form that it can be copied to the website or Facebook.

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