A Follow Up to Yesterday’s Chamber Email Blast

In regards to yesterday’s Chamber Email Blast… Please understand that the Facebook post by the unhappy guest included in the Chamber’s email was already public….on Facebook…posted in many places on many Facebook pages by the visitor to include the Tombstone Forward/Twilight Facebook page,  the Tombstone Gazette Facebook page and the Chamber’s Facebook page; and it is still public on the Chamber’s Facebook Page.   

The email newsletter blast that was sent only went to Chamber members, it is not public – many of whom had already seen the Facebook post on the Chamber’s Facebook page. This public Facebook post was used in the newsletter as an example of how fast an unhappy guest can lash out…not to “air dirty laundry” or “embarrass” anyone….

For a first time guest, when they “lash out” it isn’t usually individualized to an event or situation but is generalized to the town of Tombstone. Whatever the situation, good or bad, the perception/experience is what gets spread throughout social media.  Every event has its own level of success and there is always room for improvement.  We all must remember when we advertise something our guests expect something.   Situations happen, weather happens, things happen – our guest still have expectations.  For example…. the rain/snow/hail on the day of the light parade wasn’t ideal, but the show must go on and even though not everyone showed up there were a good amount of participants and out of town attendees.   Most understood the weather situation.   

The side of this story that is important in this situation is that of the guest.  This guest and her family were left with the impression (extracted directly from her post) that she felt she was told “our family’s experience didn’t matter in the big picture because Tombstone keeps attracting people and has for 100 plus years.”   It was apparent from her post and subsequent posts that she felt that no one at the event addressed her concerns, or explained why there were adjustments.  

Guest concerns that are posted publically should always be addressed, and addressed publically so all others see that the business/group is proactive in taking care of and addressing a guests concern or issues. 

The intent of the Chamber’s newsletter was about education and not about the group involved.  Because Tombstone is in the business of serving guests/tourists – this situation could very well happen to any group, at any time.  

On TripAdvisor and Yelp, along with Facebook there are good and bad reviews about Tombstone in general, and about specific Tombstone businesses and events.   Throughout the life of the newsletter, we have posted both good and bad reviews extracted from TripAdvisor …hopefully using them as a tool to learn from – and not to single out a group or individual.    The point was to bring out the importance of customer service and the exponential ramifications of what happens when guests are vocally unhappy.   Bad reviews (like good reviews) should be used as a tool to learn from.  They shouldn’t be something that are instantly deleted and never addressed or acknowledged like they didn’t occur.     

Working together means that we learn together from our mistakes, celebrate our victories, and collectively provide the best customer service possible to ALL the guests/tourists that visit Tombstone – come rain, snow or sunshine.    And as we all know, the actions of one individual or group, impacts ALL of Tombstone.  This was never as apparent as the live rounds being expended on Allen Street in October 2015. 

Again, there wasn’t any malice or divisiveness intended with the Chamber’s newsletter.  We are ALL working hard towards the same goal  – to provide the most authentic historical experience with amazing customer service to everyone that visits Tombstone, AZ.  There is always room for improvement.   And Tombstone wouldn’t be the town that it is without ALL of the great volunteers that do spend endless hours in the rain, snow, and sunshine trying to give our guests an awesome experience; and for that we are always thankful…

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