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Tombstone Official Office of Tourism

Exit 303

Tombstone Official Office of Tourism
PO BOX 917 Tombstone, AZ
TAX ID 86-0900282
501 (c) 3

Tombstone Official Office of Tourism has always been in the role of promoting Tombstone, not any one business. We have paid for commercials, billboards, and brochures for over 20 years.

The billboard that late Arlene Klein secured in the early 1990s, was Tombstone’s first advertising on interstate 10. She had the vision to just grab it and take the risk that it would pay off. It has ever since. This billboard has been paid for by concerned business owners over the years, and has brought hundreds of thousands of tourists to our town. The Tombstone Chamber of Commerce dovetailed their billboard effort, based on the TOOT billboard, and thus creating a nice advertising message across the state of Arizona from Yuma to Willcox.


Join the Billboard Effort

Your donations will benefit your business along with the town you do business in. This is, and has always been, about the promotion of the entire town. If everyone pitches in, we can keep it. Otherwise, this August we will lose it. If you own one store, a $350 donation is requested. If you own two or more, $650 is the requested donation. ANY AMOUNT IS APPRECIATED. The projected expense for 2017 is around $11,000. Please help us achieve our goal of promoting Tombstone and keeping the visitors coming!

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