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Tombstone Official Office of Tourism

Exit 303

Tombstone Official Office of Tourism
PO BOX 917 Tombstone, AZ
TAX ID 86-0900282
501 (c) 3

Tombstone Official Office of Tourism has always been in the role of promoting Tombstone, not any one business. We have paid for commercials, billboards, and brochures for over 20 years.

The billboard that late Arlene Klein secured in the early 1990s, was Tombstone’s first advertising on interstate 10. She had the vision to just grab it and take the risk that it would pay off. It has ever since. This billboard has been paid for by concerned business owners over the years, and has brought hundreds of thousands of tourists to our town. The Tombstone Chamber of Commerce dovetailed their billboard effort, based on the TOOT billboard, and thus creating a nice advertising message across the state of Arizona from Yuma to Willcox.


Join the Billboard Effort

Your donations will benefit your business along with the town you do business in. This is, and has always been, about the promotion of the entire town. If everyone pitches in, we can keep it. Otherwise, this August we will lose it. If you own one store, a $350 donation is requested. If you own two or more, $650 is the requested donation. ANY AMOUNT IS APPRECIATED. The projected expense for 2017 is around $11,000. Please help us achieve our goal of promoting Tombstone and keeping the visitors coming!

Wild West Detachment Marine Corps League

Wild West Days Salute to the Troops

Business: Wild West Detachment Marine Corps League
Contact Phone Number: 520-457-3511
Website Address:
Location: American Legion Roy Fourr Post 24, Tombstone AZ 85638
Description: The Wild West Detachment is a non-profit veterans organization that was established over 4 years ago. The Marine Corps League is involved in numerous community activities and supports local charities and organizations.

Tombstone Lions Club

Business: Tombstone Lions Club
Website Information:
Mailing Address: PO Box 538, Tombstone AZ 85638
Description: The Lions are basically set up to help with sight and hearing needs. But help the community in many other ways.

Tombstone Lions Club 1
Tombstone Lions club

Tombstone Company Arizona Rangers

Tombstone AZ Rangers

Business: Tombstone Company Arizona Rangers
Contact Phone Number: (951)-500-7459
Website Address:
Facebook Address:
Meeting Location: Schieffelin Hall, 402 E. Freemont Street,Tombstone, AZ 85638
Mailing Address: PO Box 1004, Tombstone AZ 85638
Description:The Arizona Rangers are an Arizona State authorized law enforcement auxiliary which provides assistance and support to police agencies throughout Arizona. There are 20 companies of Arizona Rangers working in communities all over the state. The newest of these Ranger Companies is the Tombstone Company 28, which started in August of this year. The Tombstone Rangers supplement the Tombstone Marshal’s Office with foot, motor, and now horse patrols.
The Tombstone Company Commander, Captain Lilla Deluca, said that “High visibility uniformed patrol is the best deterrent to crime and gives locals and visitors a feeling of security. A mounted patrol is just another extension of this.”

Seven members of the 22-man Tombstone Company are assigned to the mounted unit, which trains on a regular basis in law enforcement skills from horseback. The members of the mounted unit are: Major Kenn Barrett, Capt. Lilla DeLuca, Lt. Steve Lant, Lt. Mike Gross, Ranger Gail Eaton, Ranger Carol Sue Gross, and Ranger Geno D’Ambrose.

According to Captain DeLuca, the horse is one of law enforcement’s most versatile resource. “The horse is a magnet,” states DeLuca, “drawing crowds everywhere they go. People love to meet and greet not only the horses, but the Rangers that ride them. This adds a great public relations dimension to law enforcement in Tombstone.”

Commenting on other benefits of a mounted patrol, Deluca said, “Additionally, a mounted Ranger can see all the way down the street, from 6th Street to 3rd Street. That’s a real advantage over a foot patrol on the boardwalk, or motorized patrol that is not allowed on Allen Street.

According to DeLuca, routine horse patrol usually involves two horses and their riders. She said that people are often amazed at the level of training and ability this “herd of two” possesses. Regardless of the activity, whether it is community policing, crowd control, or search and rescue operations, mounted units are an integral part of the today’s law enforcement.” DeLuca further stated, “Our training emphasizes safety and the most current training methods in equine assisted law enforcement.”
For more information or information on joining us in the Tombstone Ranger Company please contact Lt. Mike Gross at (951)-500-7459.


Rocking R Equine Assisted Learning Center, LLC


Business/Organization:   Rocking R Equine Assisted Learning Center, LLC
Contact Phone Number:   520-457-8043
Facebook Page:

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Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA)

Business Address:   1566 N. Bent Barrell Trail, Tombstone AZ 85638
Description of Business:   Equine assisted learning using horses to help people rejuvenate, recover, and reinvent themselves.


Tombstone Vigilettes


Business: Tombstone Vigilantes, Inc.
Contact Phone Number: 520-457-3434
Website Address:
Email Address:
Facebook Address:
Mailing Address: PO Box 854, Tombstone AZ 85638
Description: Our Mission and Purpose:
- To promote and to be actively engaged in efforts toward increasing interest in the history of Tombstone.
- To promote the betterment and progress of Tombstone in general.
- To present reenactments of Tombstone’s early days at events.
- To create and foster an interest in women’s history and fashions from 1880 to 1915.

Step back into a time with the women who tamed the “Town Too Tough to Die”

Have Petticoats, Will Travel!

The Tombstone Vigilettes are a non-profit, charitable organization of ladies portraying The Women of Tombstone, Arizona, from 1880 to 1915. Our motto: "Have Petticoats, Will Travel"

The Vigilettes are available to attend your special gathering, organization meeting, club, church group, senior home, or group to present an expanded, educational program of our fashions shows.


This organization was founded in 1957 for the purpose of promoting interest in and preserving the women’s fashions of the Victorian and Edwardian eras, particularly in the years of Tombstone’s boom-town days: 1879-1915.

We meet every third Friday of the month at 6:30pm in the Tombstone Vigilante's Hall. Come join us!

Membership is open to any female, 21 years or older, residing in Cochise County for a minimum of 90 days. Prospective members are sponsored by two active or Lifetime members during their induction process.

Those who wish to participate but who do not qualify for regular membership may be sponsored as an Associate Member.

Membership dues are only $12.00 a year.

For more information, ask your nearest Vigilette, contact us on our Facebook page, or by email at!

Guidelines for Dress

The Vigilettes conduct fashion shows every second, third, and fourth Sundays of the month.

At our fashion shows, we seek to educate and entertain visitors to the “Town Too Tough to Die” with costumes that would be worn by the women in Tombstone between the years of 1879 through 1915.

Our outfits are reproduction or true vintage items made from materials, notions, and fabrics authentic to that time period; that means, no Velcro, no zippers, and no polyester!

Our goal is to represent the remarkable, trail-blazing women of historic Tombstone as they really were in the Victorian and Edwardian times

Tombstone Vigilettes

Tombstone Vigilantes, Inc.


Business: Tombstone Vigilantes, Inc.
Contact Phone Number: 520-457-3434
Website Address:
Email Address:
Facebook Address:
Mailing Address: PO Box 144, Tombstone AZ 85638
Description:  The Tombstone Vigilantes are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We were founded in 1946, and incorporated in 1954. Since our inception we have been dedicated to keeping the historical town of Tombstone alive through reenacting events of the era. Every member is a volunteer who selflessly gives of their time to not only keep Tombstone’s history alive but to raise funds for worthy causes.  On the second, fourth and fifth Sunday of the month known as Vigilante Sunday you can find the group on Allen Street entertaining tourists and locals with their reenactments of historical events and mock hangings.

The mock hangings are especially fun for the tourists. An unsuspecting victim is tried, convicted and then hung by one of the Vigilante members within seconds of them meeting and, for a donation the victim can get a picture taken while in the noose surrounded by their captors. For a small donation of $10.00, the tourist can go away with a hand made "hanging" plaque with thier name on it.  Not only do we perform on Vigilante Sunday, we also work with The Tombstone Lions Club on Wyatt Earp Days and Helldorado, Inc for the world famous Helldorado Days, as well as hosting our own special events, Vigilante Days and Showdown in Tombstone.

As well as entertaining Tombstone on Sundays and during special event weekends, the group travels throughout southeast Arizona to perform our special mock hangings for various organizations and private citizens. We have even traveled as far away as Tucson and Scottsdale.  All donations raised during Vigilante Sunday, during private events and through private donations are then generously given to worthy causes throughout Tombstone. Tombstone Vigilantes have donated to various charities and organizations including, The Tombstone Marshal’s Office, The Tombstone Fire Department, The Schieffelin Hall International Players ,(S.H.I.P)., the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, The Summer Recreation program, The Tombstone Small Animal Shelter, The Seniors Meals on Wheels program, the Tombstone Food Bank, the Renaissance Program, Friends of the Library, Friends of the Courthouse, Tombstone Restoration Commission, Tombstone High School, Walter J Meyer Middle School, Salvation Army for Katrina Relief, THS Booster Club, Ringo’s Golf Tournament, Adopt a Family for Christmas, to the City of Tombstone for Schieffelin Hall restoration, Arizona Western Heritage Foundation, and Naco Explorer Post #869, etc.

In 2006, the group participated in the Tucson Rodeo parade much to the delight of the 1,000’s in attendance.  We also host the Tombstone Easter Egg Hunt, boiling, coloring and rolling over 2,000 eggs along with passing out over 100 toys and dolls to the children in attendance which means every boy and girl takes home a gift. During the holiday season we buy approximately 75 toys for the Toys for Tombstone drive.  We also support the Senior Meals on Wheels, Tombstone Small Animal Shelter, Senior Citizens Center and the Food Bank of Tombstone through perpetual donations.  As well as local donations the Tombstone Vigilantes also remembered the troops overseas and in past years we sent 150 pounds of toiletries and personal items to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We also donated to the folks involved with the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, The bombing of the World Trade Center and the survivors of Hurricane Katrina along the Gulf Coast.


Tombstone Helldorado, Inc

<b>Helldorado - 1929</b>
Helldorado - 1929
<b>Helldorado - 1965</b>
Helldorado - 1965

Business: Tombstone Helldorado Inc.
Website Address:
Facebook Address:
Mailing Address: PO Box 297, Tombstone AZ 85638
Description:  Helldorado, since it conception in 1929, has focused on the guardianship of Tombstone's infamous past and the celebration of her history.

We invite you to join us as we fill the streets of Tombstone with a whole lot of entertainment, including your organization.

Be you bands, gunfighters, saloon girls, cowboys, story tellers, dancers. Come celebrate the past and present of Tombstone - Arizona's most famous 'Western Town".

SO, Get ready for Helldorado 2016, October, 21, 22 and 23

<b>Hellodorado - 1970</b>
Hellodorado - 1970
<b>Helldorado - 2015</b>
Helldorado - 2015

Foundation for the Tombstone Archives

Business: Foundation for the Tombstone Archives
Contact Phone Number: (520) 235-2467
Mailing Address: PO Box 457, Tombstone AZ 85638
Description: Organized for the preservation of the history of Tombstone Arizona.

Arizona At Work


Business: Arizona at Work (Southern Arizona Workforce Connection)
Contact Phone Number: 520-458-9309
Website Address:
Website Address:
Facebook Address:
Location: 1843 Paseo San Luis, Sierra Vista AZ 85635

Description: Arizona@Work – Southeastern Arizona is your connection to prospective employees, businesses and vital community resources in Cochise County, Graham County and Greenlee County. We are dedicated to helping the economy by helping job seekers prepare to work and provide businesses with highly trained employees.

The Arizona@Work – Southeastern Arizona team promotes and supports a workforce system that offers employers, workers and communities across Cochise County amd Graham and Greenlee Counties workforce solutions that achieve and sustain economic prosperity. Arizona@Work – Southeastern Arizona is a 501(c)(3) private, non-profit corporation federally funded and governed by a Board of Directors

We are dedicated to bringing qualified employees and area businesses together. Here at Arizona@Work – Southeastern Arizona, we offer a one-stop solution with an array of services for businesses, job seekers, veterans, soldiers in transition, military spouses and youth. We help create a comprehensive workforce development system that ensures a skilled productive workforce and supports a healthy local economy.

For businesses, Arizona@Work – Southeastern Arizona outplacement services, training and retraining, temporary satellite office for your business access to computers, printer, copier, phone, fax, Internet, and assistance to business closure. For job seekers, Arizona@Work – Southeastern Arizona offers career development information, job-search resources, and training programs. While targeted populations receive intensive assistance to overcome barriers to employment, Cochise, Graham and Greenlee County residents can benefit from the services offered by us and our network of workforce partners.

Tombstone Association of the Arts


Business: Tombstone Association of the Arts
Contact Phone Number: 520-457-2380
Website Address:
Facebook Address:
Location: 383 Allen Street, Tombstone AZ 85638
Description: A non-profit organization established for the purpose of furthering the arts in the Tombstone vicinity. In order to generally portray the western flavor of the Tombstone area and to fulfill agreements with the City of Tombstone for the use of its Historic building and contribute to an on-going effort to maintain the historical integrity of the building, the Gallery will display original art, crafts and quilts only.

The Tombstone Art Gallery will promote endeavors of youngsters and adults alike and support charitable and educational activities within the City of Tombstone.

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